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"...Where many of the so called "25 mile" and up range walkie-talkies struggle exceed even just 2 miles, in a side by side comparison these professional high performance radios maintained solid, clear contact 3 to 4 times further over extreme hill and valley cluttered terrain was achieved..."

These professional, compact High Performance 2 way portable radios are the complete solution to your mobile communication needs. Designed and tailored specifically for on road vehicle to vehicle communication, these radios are fully programmable and pre-programmed for maximum performance specifically for vehicular use. Our custom tailored, tried and proven programming offers supreme performance not possible with any other radio of it's kind. Talk longer distances and receive further than other hand held FRS/GMRS radio out there! Compare to almost every other radio on the market...

While the common children's FRS and GMRS walkie talkies are commonly used for mobile communications, their limited circuitry is produced for cost effectiveness, not performance. The speaker audio is often inadequate, difficult to understand and volume limited. Their microphone's quality is typically equally inadequate, lacking clarity and transmit surrounding wind and engine noise. Their power is limited, in some cases only 100 milliwatts, or less than 1/10th of a watt. Our radios can achieve up 50 Times more power than the common over the counter walkie talkies offered in most stores and on-line.

Our custom designed radios feature the highest performance audio speaker and microphone available for maximum clarity on both ends, and the most powerful transmission wattage possible along with the highest sensitivity receiving circuit found in any portable radio for maximum communication range... even when communicating with lesser quality and lower performing radios. The small compact design is easily carried and comfortably handled both during use and while stored.

The professional water resistant housing has o-ring sealed control knobs and buttons. A removable antenna allows for other antennas to be used as well as external vehicle or building fixed antennas. The standard NiMH battery allows up to a 14 hour operation time, and the optional Lithium Ion battery increases that up to a 20 hour operation time. Side input jacks allow the addition of an optional lapel mic, remote speaker or ear phone, or a remote speaker/mic headset.


*  16 available channel programming coincides with the most popular FRS/GMRS
     channels so you can communicate with the other common inexpensively lesser,
     lower quality radios.
*   Volume still audible even when knob temporarily turned ands otherwise forgotten.
*   Speaker power and volume limit set to maximum power output.
*   Microphone gain set to maximum performance while minimizing background
     engine, wind and road noise while driving.
*   Reminder beeps when battery is getting low. Beeps increase as battery depletes
*   Side button controls transmission power settings to reduce power for power
     saving and close proximity communications
*   Automatic squelch set for maximum performance
*   Receiving circuit sensitivity set for maximum reception range
*   Automatic power saver set for maximum battery life

CUSTOM PROGRAMMING FEATURES:   (Optional with programming charge)

Custom Channels: Specify your desired channels & location on the dial you wish,
     from 400-460mhz. Some frequencies and power ranges may require FCC licensing.
"Man Down" Feature: Radio reminds operator every (30 minutes) or other preset
     time to press a confirm button. If the request is not met in a given time frame (60 secs)
     or other preset time, a warning call from that radio notifies all other radios that
     operator is not responsive.
     Programmable Side Buttons:
*   Can be set to change for battery type when using the optional AA battery holder or
     upgraded Lithium battery packs.
*   Can also be set to control squelch level for increased noise reception in busy
     environments. Can be used to Scan channels.
*   Can be used to "talk over" other radios. (example; leader can disable and talk over
     all other radio transmissions even when they are transmitting).

NOTE: The price list below contains all the options and additions you can get for your new radio. However, all you really need to get started is the "Complete Radio Kit".

Heavy duty swivel belt clip

Complete Radio Kit


Icom Hand Held Transceiver *** NEW VERSION w/Larger Battery
w/ Premium Performance Programming (INCLUDED $79.95 VALUE!)
1 radio w/short flex antenna, belt clip, Lithium battery, Fast Charge desktop stand

other Options and Accessories


Custom Programming (one time charge 1st radio, no charge f/additional radios)
specify your custom parameters and personal programming preferences

UPPER PLUG= Remote speaker/earphone
LOWER PLUG= Remote microphone
BOTH PLUGS= Remote headset


Re-Programming a custom program after purchase (each radio)
send in your radio purchased from us and we can change your programming


Remote Lapel Clip Microphone w/ High output speaker
high quality HD speaker/mic with coiled cord to plug directly into the above radio


High Output Remote Amplified Speaker - Self contained 18w Amplifier
super loud speaker plugs into your radio 18 watts output - 12vdc - 5.25 x 4.5 x 2.5"


Alternative AAA Battery Holder pack
allows for emergency use of 6 common AAA batteries when charging is not possible


Upgraded Lithium Ion Battery Pack - 25% more power & longer lasting
for increased battery life. Requires Lithium ion charger below. Fits the above radio


Lithium Ion RAPID Battery Charger
for fast charging (2.5 hours). Req'd for the upgraded Lithium ion battery pack above


DC Power cable for in-car charging capability
for using your charging base in a 12vcd source car/truck/boat, etc.


BNC female quick disconnect adapter for Antenna to Icom hand held
NMO base for longest range & low key visuals - Tuneable long range Ground Plane


Polished billet aluminum rollbar remote antenna mount and MNO base
Long range Ground Plane - 10' Hi-Flex cable with BNC male quick disconnect plug

MIDDLE BUTTON= Programmable. Scan feature, Mic gain, Squelch
LOWER BUTTON=  Programmable. 3 power settings, Low-Med-Hi


Same as above but w/ custom length up to 17' and choose your plug end
Long range Ground Plane - Up to 17' of Hi-Flex cable your choice of connector plug


MNO antenna base only - for non roll bar mounting, or make your own
Ground Plane - Up to 17' Hi-Flex cable with BNC male quick disconnect plug


Custom fitted low profile weather cap for roll bar antenna mount
to cover threaded base when antenna removed


Remote antenna (quick disconnect) - Low profile stealth look  7"
NMO base for use wth soft or hard top on. Fits under the top - Tuneable NGP


Remote antenna (quick disconnect) - Medium profile stealth look  12"
NMO base for longer range with good looks - Tuneable long range Ground Plane


Remote antenna (quick disconnect) - Tall profile  34"
NMO base for longest range & low key visuals - Tuneable long range Ground Plane

See the External Mobile Quick Change Antenna systems - Items listed above

External Mobile Antenna Full Sized antenna

These items are special order and require additional shipping and programming time
All radios are physically hand tested and batteries charged and tested before shipping
* All accessories are discounted as shown when purchased with the radio

Remote Lapel Clip Microphone w/High output Speaker

Remote 18 watt amplified High output Speaker - Increases volume by 4 times - Plugs into radio.
Small compact self contained design mounts under dash using the foot well as the megaphone.