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These compact but bright 3 watt weather sealed LED lamps can be mounted under the dash for subtle back lighting using the colored LEDs, or used as bight map reading or entrance/exist lighting using the white LEDs. They are so small you can mount several of both types under the dash and switch between a nice ambient backlighting or a bright utility lighting when needed.

Also a great fit for illuminating inside glove boxes, in door panels, under or behind seats, in trunks, and even under the hood. Have them turn on with a switch or use a door or hood switch. Never have to hunt for a flashlight again!

Sealed electronics in an aluminum (
not plastic!) metal housing and an optical lens for 360 degree full field illumination. Brightness level is similar to a standard cell phone light.

7/8" diameter lamp head and only a 3/8" mounting hole needed. Has an 18" long power cord. 12vdc - 3 watt LED in White, Red and Blue.
Purple, Green and Yellow can be special ordered.


UNDER DASH:  2-4 White -or- 4-6 Colored  (driver and passenger footwell combined)
GLOVE BOX:    1-2 White -or- 2-3 Colored
UNDERHOOD:  4-6 White -or- 6-8 Colored  (positioned all around peripheral)
TRUNK:              3-5 White -or- 4-6 Colored  (positioned all around peripheral)


3 watt LED w/Black housing - WHITE


3 watt LED w/Black housing - RED


3 watt LED w/Black housing - BLUE

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Here are some of the door / hood / latch / trunk switches to autmatically turn these little gems on!