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This compact rotary switch is designed to be installed between your battery power supply and the electrical system to cut-out the path of current when needed. This cut-out feature is required in most classes of competition as well as an excellent and simple hidden theft deterrent.

This switch is NHRA & IHRA approved. This switch far exceeds the power capacities of most other "50 amp" switches. Lesser continuous load capacity switches can resist current flow when headlamps, heater, fans and other electrical accessories are in demand, therefore providing less power to them, such as dimmer than necessary headlights. It's better to have a switch with a much larger capacity than needed to insure maximum current flow to power hungry devices. Intermittent, or "peak" load capacity is important for optimal starter performance, which a lesser capacity value can mean poorer starter performance regardless of the starter used. A starter motor can see between 125 and 300 amps of current surge. This Master Power Disconnect switch will cover any need!


185 amp Master
Power Disconnect Switch
3/4" dash mounting hole

MPD Electrical Capabilities
   185 Amps Continuous @ 12vdc
1,000 Amps Intermittent @ 12vdc

If you have a special application that requires more continuous amperage rating, then simply place two switches in parallel to achieve 370 amps continuous @ 12 volts.

You can also use this cut-off to disable current flow to campers, trailers, generators and anything else that needs a switchable connection and demands a high current flow with minimal loss in power resistance.