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"...Go ahead and add more switches to your vintage dashboard as discretely as if they were always there..."

Adding additional circuits you your ride requires additional switches as well. Adding switches to your original appearing dashboard can be quite a decision to arrive at a balance of authenticity and functionality.
That is, until now...

With our high capacity
Stealth Switches electrical Rocker Switches, you can add additional circuits as discreetly as possible without anyone even noticing. The ultra-low profile, small dash fingerprint and dark monotone color blend right into the dash making the switch additions nearly invisible to unaware onlookers.

Stealth Switches are easily installed and come in several configurations for your particular needs. Install them with the switch flipping up and down or side to side.

Stealth Switches provide a smooth, precise and positive feel under your fingertips. You'll look forward to every opportunity you can just to enjoy flipping the switch every chance you get! Pretty sad you might think, but it's true!

Square Base version provides a clean, flush base that flows in smoothly with any dash configuration. The threaded body and nut secures the switch within a 13/16" hole.

Round Base version provides a stealthy button-like appearance, hiding it's real function in the background of the dash layout. The push-in body secures the switch within a 13/16" hole.

footnote 2 = Rated using both poles on DP switches in parallel

POSITION Terminology abbreviations:  U = up     D = down     C = center
STYLE Terminology abbreviations: DP2T = double bank of terminals switching two different directions

DP2T- 2 Position
Double Pole Double Throw

DP2T- 3 Position Center Off
Double Pole Double Throw

DP2T- 3 Position Momentary
Double Pole Double Throw

A)  Use the DP2T 2-position switch as either an "ON/OFF" switch for turning on or off  two separate circuits at once, or switch from once source to another independently on each of the two separate banks. For instance you could switch one fan on at the same time switching another fan off simultaneously.

C)  Use the DP2T 3-position switch for "ON/OFF/ON" applications. For example, the upper position can be parking lamps and the lower position can be head lamps and parking lamps combined. You can also use this configuration for reeling in and out a winch as well as toggling back and forth between 2 different pre-determined heater/defroster speeds, etc.

D)  Use the DP2T 3-position momentary switched for spring loaded temporary activation or deactivation of two separate circuits. Or simultaneously activate one circuit while deactivating another at the same time. For example, use to activate a WINCH for both IN and OUT directions returning to the off position as a safety feature. Also use as a turn signal activator for performance cars on the street as well as a to activate latching style relays.

*  Auxiliary driving/fog lights
  *  Back up lamps
    *  Underdash/map lamps
      *  Alternate from original horn to loud horn
        *  Alarm arming
          *  Auxiliary fans
            *  ... and more