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This high amperage-multi functional starter switch is ideal as a direct replacement or upgrading your original starter switching mechanism. The Key used is similar in appearance to the original Lucas® style Cobra keys, but easily reproduced for spares at most key shops.

Featuring an "Accessory" position to the left, and "Ignition-on" to the right with "Start" to the far right, this is a great upgrade to Cobra's not having the "accessory" feature to run electrical device without activating the ignition. Possible uses for this include lighting up special "show lamps" when parked or on display, using a radio, actuating the cigarette power outlet...
and more.

This Super Heavy Duty switch was designed for Rough Service in Extreme conditions with a Smooth actuation and Solid locking mechanism.
Comes with two matching keys, trim face bezel and simple to follow detailed wiring diagram.

Handles 15 amps @ 12 vdc  -  Fits a standard 3/4" hole


Key Lock Starter Switch
with 2 keys & trim face bezel and Detailed Wiring Diagram

EXAMPLE: Superformance Ignition Switch Wiring

Chassis numbers before 500-700
ACCESSORY:   BLACK (also with white/blue wire)
START:              GREEN

Chassis numbers after 500-700
BATTERY:        RED (heavy gauge)
ACCESSORY:   RED (light gauge)
START:               BLACK/YELLOW

EXAMPLE (Below): Cheaper inferior look-alike brands may look similar, but are not as smooth operating, secure, durable, long lasting or as high of electrical capacity. Even their appearance and fit and finish do not represent any level of  quality with excessively protruding key bezels, cheap face ring, cheap housing, notchy operation, thin electrical contacts, etc..