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"...No more courting Sir Lucas during your midnight drives, the undisputed Prince of Darkness..."

Our high capacity Super Switches™ electrical Toggle Switches are unique in their load handling capacity as well as their control functionality providing many unique switching patterns and configurations to choose from.

Super Switches™ offers the authentic Lucas® style "Duck Bill" flat handle switches, or the traditional round style toggles for use with our Aircraft Toggle Covers™.

The extraordinarily high current capacity of the
Super Switches™ allows them to be used without a relay in most cases! One switch can easily handle the equivalent of EIGHT (8) Headlamps˛ on High beams at one time without a need for a relay!

Super Switches™ are not your normal off the shelf electronics store switch. Made for demanding applications & serious situations where failure is not an option. The Snap-Lock® mechanism prevents movement under extreme conditions & heavy vibrations.

The ultra heavy duty industrial grade construction of the
Super Switches™ features a  strong internal switching mechanism designed to take severe abuse and intended to last a long, long time under the worst of conditions. The super strong mechanisms will appear stiff in their initial operation until "broken in" after a period of normal use.

Super Switches™ are even electrical motor rated up to 3 hp and 42 amps˛ at 110volts! This allows Monster power handling in a good looking, compact package! Electrial connections on back use standard Blade style connectors. Requires 1/2" mount hole.
              ( footnote 2 = Rated using both poles on DP switches in parallel )

Lucas style
flat paddle

Round toggle
style for use alone or with our aircraft toggle covers

POSITION Terminology abbreviations:  U = up     D = down     C = center     M = momentary
STYLE Terminology abbreviations: DP2T = double bank of terminals switching 2 different directions
SP3T = Single bank terminal switching three different directions

DP2T- 2 Position
Double Pole Double Throw

DP2T- 2 Position Momentary
Double Pole Double Throw

DP2T- 3 Position Center Off
Double Pole Double Throw

DP2T- 3 Position Momentary
Double Pole Double Throw

A)  Use the DP2T 2-position switch as either an "ON/OFF" switch for turning on or off  two separate circuits at once, or switch from once source to another independently on each of the two separate banks. For instance you could switch one fan on at the same time switching another fan off simultaneously.

B)  Use the DP2T 2-position momentary switched for spring loaded temporary activation or deactivation of two separate circuits. Or simultaneously activate one circuit while deactivating another at the same time. For example, use as the START activation for a starter with a separate switch for ignition. Or use for the purge valve for a nitrous system and even as a winch activation reel. Also use as a toggle to shut off tail and running lamps of a trailer momentarily after passing a good buddy on the Interstate thanking them after they indicated it was clear to pull back into their lane.

SP2T- 2 Position
Single Pole Double Throw

SP3T- 3 Position
Single Pole Triple Throw

C)  Use the DP2T 3-position switch for "ON/OFF/ON" applications. For example, the upper position can be parking lamps and the lower position can be head lamps and parking lamps combined. You can also use this configuration for reeling in and out a winch as well as toggling back and forth between 2 different pre-determined heater/defroster speeds, etc.

D)  Use the DP2T 3-position momentary switched for spring loaded temporary activation or deactivation of two separate circuits. Or simultaneously activate one circuit while deactivating another at the same time. For example, use to activate a WINCH for both IN and OUT directions returning to the off position as a safety feature. Also use as a turn signal activator for performance cars on the street as well as a to activate latching style relays.

E)  Use the SP3T 3- position switch to turn "ON" three separate devices progressively. For example, use for lighting applications powering "off / parking lights / headlights*". Or use as a multi-switch to jump from three different electrical senders to one gauge, such as engine oil, water and transmission temps all on one single gauge. *(To power parking lights and headlights a the same time, a single relay may needed).

Use factory key switch to power ignition and transfer one wire from key switch to the ignition toggle to start vehicle with the switch only

" B "

(push button)  can also be used

" A "

" A "

" D "

"C"  can
also be used

Other switch ideas you can add on... the "Sky" is the limit when using our Aircraft Toggle Covers!