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"...Using the Cobra Valley hand held radio gets me ut to 5-10 miles as it is, but with this removable antenna is nearly doubles that range, and I don't need to have the radio elevated to receive or send those long range signals..."

This removable antenna package has been tested and researched for several years to get the most performance in the most practical package. While you can get small UHF antennas, they lack the sheer size and surface area to grab those weak signals as well as blast out those long range radio transmissions. This antenna has 7 times the reception and transmission capability and has that power even when your radio is laying down on the seat.

Our quick disconnect adapter replaces your small portable antenna and allows the new full sized antenna to plug right in within seconds, and can be disconnected in a few seconds to take the radio with you when parked or reverted back to mobile hand held use when out of the car.

Antenna is 36-1/2" tall from tip to base, 16' shielded coaxial cable with connector and is fully SWR tunable for maximum range and to prevent radio damage. A small loading coil in the middle of the antenna boosts the performance as if the antenna was even larger than it already is. The light weight and small diameter of the S.S. rod reduces antenna whip to almost nothing driving down the highway and in the wind. The super strong magnet attaches to either a metal body or to our supplied adapter disc for fiberglass bodies without damaging the paint with repeated removals. If you paint the disc the same color as your stripe, it almost looks as if it was supposed to be there, like a mini roundel. By mounting the antenna just in front of the trunk allow the soft top and tonneau cover to be used without having to remove the antenna.

And you can also use your antenna on your tow rig on the way to or from a destination to double your usage! And even at home inside with the antenna clinging to the metal gutters, etc.


External UHF Antenna Adapter w/ Quick Disconnect Connector
connect a high gain external mobile or base antenna for increased range & power


Metal Mounting Disc for magnet mount base
with 3M adhesive tape. Paint to your taste


External UHF Mobile Antenna magnet mount
high gain 5db external mobile or base antenna for increased range & power


Above antenna SWR pre-tuned Tuned to our iCom Radio on a Cobra
tuned standing wave ratio increases range & power while reducing radio damage

CAUTION: Not S.W.R. tuning your antenna to your radio on your car, can result in serious and permanent radio damage including reduced range and performance.

CAN NOT be pre-tuned without being mounted on the same type car you have and using the same type radio you have

The 3M adhesive tape under the metal adapter disc is removed and the paint surface is cleaned of dirt, wax and oils.

The metal adapter disc is pressed onto the paint in the center of the car between the trunk and tonneau pin line.

The metal disc can be painted to the color of your stripes or body to make it appear as if it was meant to be there when the antenna is not affixed to it.

The magent mount antenna is just set onto the metal adapter disc and that's all there is to it.

The coax cable is run forward down the center of the car into the cockpit and looped around the fire extinguisher mount or roll back leg.

This antenna is discreet, removable and powerful.

While we can get smaller antennas, when it come to UHF, size does matter! UHF signals travel essentially "line of site", so the more you can get your antenna "up and out there", the more surface area there is available to receive those faint signals and blast out a reply to other radios that do not have large antennas.

Another option is to set the base mount to a metal plate laying on the center tunnel for a quick fix or a shorter antenna exposure.