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This is NOT the original Plastic or Plexiglass,
NOT common tempered side window glass!
This is a BRAND NEW DESIGN & Production!

With your head only inches away from a big fire breathing engine topped with explosive gasoline delivery devises with nothing more than a thin piece of plastic between you, you need more protection than that!

Other commonly found rear and side windows are typically made from the cheaper tempered glass, which is nothing more than heat treated. When broken, it is designed to shattered into a million small pieces to reduce being cut. This is
not a feature you would find attractive when those millions of pieces go down the back of your neck and now you have an open engine compartment behind you. and it is a real mess to clean up with miniature glass chunks hiding in every nook and cranny, both in the interior and engine compartment.

Cobra Valley's
FireGlass™ Safety glass is a true laminated double wall SAFETY GLASS with a flexible plastic laminate sandwiched in between to hold the glass together if broken. It does not shatter! Additionally the FireGlass is much more difficult to crack or break than the harder and more brittle tempered glass, and the FireGlass™ provides significant safety over the soft plastic windows.

crystal clear clarity of FireGlass™ safety glass will make your rear view vision clearer, and enhance the beauty and value of your GT40! And the extreme sound deadening advantage of not one but TWO peices of glass along with a flexible laminate inbetween acts like a catchers mitt for sound and vibration reduction into the passenger compartment. Also reduces heat transmission from the engine compartment.

Does not include frame


/ea. FireGlass™ GT40 bulkhead firewall window
Replacement for Superformance GT-40's NO drain hole
(comes with thick, supple rubber outer channel weatherstrip)

We suggest plugging the drain hole and sealing off the roof vent since it is a detriment w/AC


add for Drain hole drilled into top of the glass
Send in a paper template or original window to replicate
(allow an additional 2-4 weeks to complete)

If is highly suggested you trace your existing window edge (as well as the inside edge of the window frame) on a single one piece of rolled out paper and send that in to us so we can accurately size up your window to the several popular patterns Superformance used, and rarely are two ever alike. (You can chose to send the entire glass and frame in if you wish) --- 1 out of 4 times the window (and frame) can be different enough that a custom glass much be cut to match and fit your particular frame correctly. That can be easily determine when comparing your glass or template to our existing patterns we have here.


add for Custom Cut Glass to fit your Template
Send in a paper template or original window to replicate
(allow an additional 2-4 weeks to complete)

* Due to the large 375 lb. rated carton and amount of extreme packaging materials required to safely ship this product to you,  $30 will be added for to the shipping for 1 to 3 windshields ordered at the same time.

Double laminate safety glass with thick plastic center barrier designed for maximum strength and superior resistance against heat transference.

Common view through a plastic window                   Superior crystal clear clarity of FireGlass™

Common visual distortion of a plastic window                   Superior crystal clear clarity of FireGlass™

Supple rubber window weather seal trim is included