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This Roll Bar mounted flag is for Patriots wanting to proudly fly the Stars and Stripes on their Cobras while in motion, or at rest.

The thick, solid aluminum mount clamps to a 1-1/2" diameter roll bar with recessed steel allen bolts. The strong steel 9" long staff sits up tall and proud and ready for any speed. The chrome top
Finial touches off the assembly as if it came with the car.

The thick, durable high quality 9"x6" American Flag is made for flying proudly at Cobra speeds day after day. This is not your parking lot cruiser flag! It's made for driving all across these United States

You can mount it low and sleek, or up high tall and proud!
And everything is of course, made in the U.S.A.

Pro Tip: At night you can clip a battery powered LED to your roll bar to light up your flag proud and true.


Roll Bar Mount and Flag
fit 1-1/2" diameter roll bars only (1.5")

TOP PHOTO: Flag, Pole, Roll bar clamp & Hardware

CENTER PHOTO: The Low Position

BOTTOM PHOTO: The High Position