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Instead of drilling holed in your GT40's body and have mirrors hanging off the fenders, there's a stealthy alternative to that & still have mirrors.

When you don't want to ruin the smooth sleek lines of the outside of your car, yet need over the shoulder viewing assistance to see what's beside and behind you, the Stealth Side Mirrors are for you! The 3M adhesive on the bottom allow you to fix the mirror just about anywhere.

The horizontal convex mirror shape extends your viewing range sideways where it's needed most, yet does not waste the viewing area in the vertical plane where it's not needed. This results in a larger image in the mirror yet still a wide angle range of vision. These mirrors are a compact version of those found on the newer Ford Super Duty trucks.

Even though they are mounted inside the car there is an amazing amount of vision to the side and rearwards making you almost believe the mirror is really mounted on the outside!

Mirrors come in both left hand and right hand mounting positions.


/pr. Stealth Side Mirrors
Includes 1 Left hand and 1 right hand mount mirror

Note how unnoticeable the mirrors are from the outside, yet how wide of a field of view you can see from inside the car, almost seeing around the rear quarter !

When the door is closed the driver can see cars and object to the side and rear at near an amazing 160 degree angle, with 180 being directly behind the mirror. The mirror has a wide horizontal angle but the vertical view is barely affected resulting in a bigger picture and a more closer field of view. All from inside the car !

Even though the passenger side mirror is almost invisible from  the outside, you can see just how far down the side of the car the driver can see looking back at a 160 degree angle offering nearly as much rear vision as an outside mirror but without the clutter, holes in the body a passerby bumping into the mirror damaging it.