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These Smoked Bronze Sun Visors are precision Laser cut to perfect & exacting dimensions every time out of tough 1/8" thick Acrylic* for superior scratch resistance and unparalleled clarity.

The super smooth and highly polished luminescent lasered edges gleam  in the sunlight that adds elegance and refinement to your car which otherwise go completely unnoticed. The bronze color is easy to see through but dark enough to almost be able to stare directly into the sun without strain. These are functional and
these gems look just like glass!

Use our recommended plastic cleaner and polish so your new Smoked Bronze Sun Visors will last for a long time and look good all the way. While our tint and color is intended to be as close to the factory visors as possible, minor factory differences from year to year and different models means you should always order visors in pairs to ensure they match each other  absolutely perfectly.

We designed and make these ourselves for our customers specifically!

Does not include mounting hardware


/ea. (right or left) Smoked Bronze Sun Visors
Replacement for Superformance and many other Cobras

SAVE $20!!

/pair of two - Smoked Bronze Sun Visors
Replacement for Superformance and many other Cobras

Distance between upper / lower holes = 8-15/16"       Between pair of two holes = 3/4"
(Measured from center to center of the holes)  Hole edges are .150" away from visor edge

Our unique mounting hole pattern allows these sun visors to fit most all Cobras and compensate for slightly skewed or located mounting brackets.

CLEANING TIP:  Use our special #1 Plastic Cleaner for routine cleaning and micro polishing, and use our #2 Plastic Polish to remove more significant marks.

* We use Acrylic for superior scratch resistance and unparalleled clarity.

Lexan® or Polycarbonate, while many times referred to as being "unbreakable", can actually crack and fracture around the holes easier than Acrylic.

Lexan® or Polycarbonate also scratches and scuffs much easier than Acrylic, and more difficult to polish out those scratches and scuffs afterwards.

Lexan® or Polycarbonate can not be as brightly polished around the edges than Acrylic.