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"...have you ever thought there'd be a need for high performance wiper blades with wipers as small as a Cobra's are, the answer is a big YES!…"

Venom Wipers™ incorporate a supple rubber polymer wiping element which ensures a clean, streak-free and silent wipe with an exclusive design and materials that deliver a clear, clean windshield in any driving condition.

Eliminates smearing, streaking and chattering as well as "hazing" which leaves an oil-like film spread across the windshield causing glare, usually a result of road grime contamination to the rubber. Also eliminates "beading" which appears as a collection of water droplets on the windshield after the blade passes over.

Resists prematurely torn, abraded, inflexible, cracked and contaminated rubber which is usually a result of road grime and chemicals adhering to the rubber element, causing a hazy film on the windshield.

These are direct replacements for Superformance® and other Cobra wiper arms that take 8-3/4" to 9" long blades.
The are not altered MG blades, but made specifically for Cobra and Cobra Replicas!


9" Venom Wiper - CURVE™
Super-Flex Wiper Blades /Pair
for most Cobra & Cobra Replicas


10" Venom Wiper - CURVE™
Super-Flex Wiper Blades /Pair
for some Cobras needing 10" blades and early Superformance cars chassis 200 and earlier (Please Measure)

Our latest version of the popular Venom Wipers™ are now re-introduced as the new Venom Wiper CURVE. This wiper blade's full floating backbone is specially curved to specifically follow the contour of the small but curvaceous Cobra windshield even with the very light arm pressure these cars usually have, for better coverage, increased wiping, clearer vision & reduced missed spots with even pressure!           PERFECT TO USE WITH OUR Polycarbonate POLYGLASS COBRA WINDSHIELDS!

Note: the 110% full length coverage of the entire wiper frame by the rubber blade. When you're dealing with a short 9" blade, every bit counts! Up to 10% MORE coverage than other wiper blades.   

Note: The super flexible rubber blade and composite full floating frame provide even and full contact  pressure against the glass for superior squeegee action resulting in crystal clear visibility.

The all new CURVED blades follow the contour of the glass even closer and provide more even
contact pressure across the entire blade for maximum wiping and clearing performance!
The new Venom Wiper - CURVE

Here we're rolling lengths of windshield wiper spines to create the exact curve and cutting them to the perfect length.. The template formed curved contour follows the curvaceous Cobra windshield perfectly