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"ůsuch a simple but noticeable modification. I removed the washer nozzle and significantly cleaned up the body profile. I removed the washer bottle and significantly cleaned up the underhood appearance..."

This simple little item can make a big difference on your Cobra! Very few if any use the window washer on their Cobra. The washer nozzle sticking up out of the body can gets caught on towels and polishers and many times can get pulled out or falls off and gets lost.

The nozzle is commonly held in only with a flexible sealer so it can pop right out, the hose is easily disconnected and this handy little cap cover can be snapped into plug the hole and your car's appearance will look cleaner and trimmer. The self locking tangs on the shaft insertyed into the hole will prevent it from coming back out unless you want it to. You can leave the cap black as shown, or paint it to match the body.

Once you remove the washer nozzle, you can slide out the washer tank under the hood to make that space look cleaner, and provide more room. All the pieces can be put aside to reinstall later is you wish to do so, or send along with the car to the next buyer should that day come. Most likely, no one will want to go back to the other, less clean look.


/ea.  Windshield Washer Nozzle 
       Cap Cover -
for a 5/16" or 8mm hole
                                          (head cap diameter: 7/16")
a direct fit for Superformance's and many other cobras

TOP PHOTO: With Nozzle Cap Cover installed

CENTER PHOTO: Original W/W Nozzle before removal

BOTTOM PHOTO: Close up of Nozzle Cap Cover