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"…this is one of the simplest and most comfortable additions I've ever added to my Cobra. You just don't realize how much you appreciate it until you have it..."

Designed specifically to fit the Mk-III Superformance Cobra, but can fit others!

Driving a car that was born only to race, like a Cobra was, can result in some comfort issues on the street not to mention on long jounreys. One of the problems is your shin or knee resting on the hard surface of the door hinge cover. After a while your leg or knee can get sore, and even worse during spirited driving or in a driving mishap. While there have been attempts to solve this problem in the past, they have been either mediocre at best by either being too small and not covering the leading edge of the hinge, or large and bulky thus getting in the way of entry and exit of the car. And some just do not look all that great.

Cobra Valley has the answer! Our Cushioned Door Hinge Cover Pad won't get in your way, and it will feel wonderful to rest your knee or leg on, on purpose, as well as protecting you from bruises during hard driving scenarios. It also helps when comfortably bracing yourself during sharp turns during spirited driving.

Our Cushioned Door Hinge Cover Pad can be installed in 30 seconds with no tools or modifications necessary, and looks like it's original equipment and an integral part of the car! It's looks really good, really classy and very discreet. You would have to tell someone that it was there, and that you added it yourself.

Clear, Color and Detailed instructions are included to provide a clean, professional installation in under a minute.


1).  Our tough Cushioned Pad cover is made from elegant looking black grained synthetic Leather for beauty, comfort and durability.

2).  Our exact fitting Cushioned Pad cover s custom-formed to the contour of the curved hinge cover so once it is installed, it looks like it came that way fro the factory.

3).  Our sleek Cushioned Pad cover does not protrude out very far from the hinge so it doesn't get in the way during entry or exit of the car. It also is tapered at the edges so it won't get caught on clothing or when moving your leg while driving or getting in and out of your car.

4).  Our full coverage Cushioned Pad cover is formed to the exact shape and wraps around to the front and rear of the hinge cover so all the bases are "covered".

5).  Our Formed Cushioned Pad cover stay secure and stable and does not move around.

6).  It installs easily in under 30 seconds with genuine 3M-VHB (Very High Bond) removable double sided tape already cut, trimed and affixed to the Cushioned Pad. Just "peel and stick" it on and it will hold on tight until only you want it to come off!

7).  No tools are needed and no modifications are necessary.

8).  There is a Left (driver) and Right (passenger) pad cover. (The bottom of the cushioned pad is slightly more rounded where the top is not.)


/ea.  Formed Cushioned Door Hinge Cover Pad
        - Superformance Cobra and more *


/ea.  Formed Cushioned Door Hinge Cover Pad
        Passenger (Right) door - Superformance Cobra and more *

SAVE $10!!

/pr.  Same as above - but BOTH included!
        Drivers (Left) Side door AND Passenger (Right) *

*  Grain pattern may differ from batch to batch but will always be match up in Driver+Pass sets