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* Detailed Instructions
                Included! *

Made exclusively by us at Cobra Valley, these licensed Instant Indicator™ Gauge Decals are excellent  visual and functional accents, perfect for all avenues of display. Ultra-High quality 7 year vinyl, is a precision computer cut decal, not the silk screened or printed styles that wear out, wash out or shrink and peel off!

The very detail and illustrated instructions included in every Instant Indicator Gauge kit makes these easy to apply indicator decals a snap to apply - the first time! In only a few minutes you'll have applied one of the most visually significant upgrades to your gauges that will keep your mind on the road, and not on the dash.

These indicators replicate the original gauge indicator needle in both size, shape and contour, and will attractively blend in as a part of the gauge as if it came from the factory. Various colors can be chosen for maximum contrast and visibility, or subtly blend in with the gauge background. You can use the
Instant Indicator™ Gauge Decals to show low, med, high or danger levels on your gauges.

This yellow Instant Indicator™ Gauge Decal is referencing a specific shift point on the vintage style Smith's tach that never came with a "red-line" indicator. Now, with the Instant Indicator™ it's no problem!

x  =  After the part number add a B for blue, Y for yellow, O for orange & R for red decal color
*  =  10-Pak must include all of the same part number, but can be in assorted colors


Select the perfect Instant Indicator™ Gauge Decal color for your particular application, needs and requirements. Make a bold easy to see statement, or a mild, subtle reference point. Add more than one Instant Indicator™ Gauge Decal in different colors to one gauge for mutli-level indication levels.

BLUE…….  use to indicate a "Systems O.K." level)
YELLOW..  use to indicate a "Caution" level) -  Most easily seen
ORANGE..   most easily seen or to indicate a "Warning" level)
RED……...   most easily seen or to indicate a "Danger" level) -  Least easily seen, subtle noticability
WHITE......  most easily seen on a black face but with a non-white needle pointer to reduce confusion

                              - Custom colors available at an additional $1.00 per decal

Just some applications and examples…

A Smith's temperature gauge with the white gauge needle on zero, while the  "Needle Style"Instant Indicator™ Gauge Decals positioned with the blue at the minimum operating temperature and the Yellow positioned at the maximum allowable temperature as preferred by this owner.

A Smith's tach with the white gauge needle on zero, while the "Needle Style" Instant Indicator™ Gauge Decal is positioned with the Yellow at the maximum shift RPM.

"Outer Pointer" style Instant Indicator™ Gauge Decals are a less visibly noticeable option to our original Instant Indicator™ line up. Available in all the same features, these compliment each other to mix and match.

A pair of Smith's gauges with "Outer Pointer" style Instant Indicator™ Gauge Decals positioned, with one on the left showing where the fuel tank is really empty on an inaccurate gauge, and the right showing the minimum oil pressure when hot. An additional color could be added to show the pressure when hot as well.

Note the perfect fitting
applique border that
automatically lines up
Instant Indicator™ Gauge Decal needle.
No tedious alignment is required. Just
(1.) position
Instant Indicator
to where ever you want it
to point, and
(2.) apply,
and then
(3.) pull off the
mask and your ready to
rock! That's it! Easily re
move later if you wish to
change it to another loca
tion or color with a new
Instant Indicator™.