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"… with these heaters in your seats, it's almost like the sun heating them up on a hot summer's day, even though it might be cloudy and 40 degrees out. With the top down I can drive with a short sleeve shirt when otherwise a jacket would be needed, yet powerful enough to heat through the heaviest of jackets. You are nice and toasty long before the engine even gets up to near operating temperature..."

These are not just 'auxiliary comfort devices'...

* This are
NOT your normal seat heating "retrofit" kit. No way.

Designed specifically to fit a Cobra, 
with detailed instructions
for a Cobra!

Driving an open top car the heat from the heat just blows out into the wind making little difference at all, but these keep YOU warm, not the cockpit air.

These easy to install, virtually invisible and undetectable seat heating kits allow you to transform your Cobra seats into probably one of the best upgrades you will ever add to you car. With this device you will comfortably extend your driving season by several months and never get caught in the cold again on those late night drives home from dinner or on long trips whether early in the spring or late into the fall. We literally have you covered…
in warmth!

Following our detailed and expert directions with detailed and clear step by step color photos, you will professionally install them in no time
without taking the covers off the seats. Our instructions will guide you from start to finish including removing your seats from the car to operating the heaters to get the most out of them. The very small control buttons can be hidden from normal view on your dash or proudly displayed for all to see. It's your choice. All electrical connections are pre-wired and plug-in's installed. The only wired connection you need to make is to the 12vdc power supply. Even the ground connecters are pre-wired to the connectors. Our kit is so complete it even comes with the self tapping screws to install the relays and the hog rings used to reattach the seat upholstery!  The Directions are made specifically for a Cobra (Superformance), but have general references for most other cars.

By following our specialized tips and hints just for installing them in Cobras, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to tell you have heated seats in your car. That is, until they sit in them. At that point they will have about 3 minutes to start shedding that extra unneeded clothing even on some of the coolest driving days.

The thin, soft, flexible carbon fiber heating elements are cut to the right size and contoured edges for the Cobra seat and backrest with no trimming required. They fully cover both the backrest and seat from one end to the other and can not be detected when sitting on them. The stealth wiring slips under the seat and includes already wired relays and switch that can be ran under the carpet or along the side up to the dash and the 12 volt power source. The heavy duty moisture resistant relays even has it's connectors pre-coated with a highly conductive anti-corrosion coating just incase rain water collects in the floor board.

The three position controls including both Low and High as well as off allow you to heat up your cold bones quickly with more than 70 watts of heat on high and feel the heat in 3 minutes or less, and then slip back down into low mode for a comfortable warmth to keep you warm. Using less than 2 amps at that setting takes less power than lighting one 1157 Brake light bulb. Unlike most
other cars, these controls "Remember" where they were set before you shut the engine off, yet are not on when you don't want them to be when the engine is off.

These seat heating kits warm your seat and back FAST so it can take that chill out of you fast, and then can create significantly more heat than many OEM seats in luxury cars while taking very little 12 volt power to do it.

WHY YOU NEED HEATED SEATS: There is a biological science to helping stay warm in a Cobra or any open top car on cool days. Mountain climbers know that frostbite is a result of the blood flowing to the extremities being restricted by the body trying to keep the vital organs warm by keeping the blood in the core. As a result the arms, legs and fingers and toes get cold first.

However just the opposite is true. If you warm the body's core and even overheat it, the extremities acts as "radiators" to keep the body's core at the right temperature.

In a Cobra, the dashboard heater can be the hottest heater ever, almost to the point of shooting flames out of it, but all that heat is lost into the windy cockpit. So the only other option other than putting a top on the car, is to layer on more clothing. However, that still does not warm you up, but rather keeps you "less cold" at best.

However with these fully heated seats, both full length bottom and backs, they warm the body at the core which hot blood flows to the extremities to warm them up naturally with less clothing required and in some cases, even allows you to comfortably drive in a short sleeve shirt in 50-60 degree weather with no soft top on. Even with a good forced air heater under the dash, with these seat heaters you will be nice and toasty long before your engine even gets up to operating temperature.

On the other hand, most
other heated seats are very limited in temperature for various reason including cost, quality and damage to vinyl seating if misused. That's why we put together these quality carbon fiber heated elements that really, really work!

NOTE: There is an optional "variable" temperature controller version that allows infinite adjustment between the 3 position switch "low" and "high" setting ($39.95 more each). However, the high setting is 10 watts less power with the variable control version, and there is not much need for adjustment between the 117 degree low setting and the 137 degree high setting. Either you need to warm up hot and fast, or just stay comfortably warm.


VOLTAGE: 12-14 vdc
AMP DRAW: 1.5A to 4.9A @ 12 vdc
WATTAGE: 23W to 72W @14 vdc
TEMPERATURE: 117 (lo) to 137 (hi) degrees

Complete kit for one seat shown


/ea.  (1) Hot Seat - Seat Heater
Radiant Heated Seat liners for most Cobras and other cars

SAVE $85!!

/pair of 2 (right & left) Hot Seat - Seat Heaters
Radiant Heated Seat liners for most Cobras and other cars
Includes $55 dual heater crossover and wired plug kit!

Small discreet temperature controller can be mounted so only the seated occupant can see it and hidden from view when standing up and/or when the door is closed.

Heat elements cover entire length of seat & back

Easily slips under seat back without uncovering seat

Easily slips under bottom seat without uncovering seat

Heat elements shown temporarily laid on top of seat to show coverage. Elements are installed underneath invisible from view

Heat element is slid up behind seat back and adhesive tape applies it to the seat foam.

Heat element is slid under the seat cushion and adhesive tape applies it to the seat foam.

Here is the seat back in the car and the both upper and lower heating elements installed completely hidden and out of view and totally undetected by touch and feel even when sitting down. You'd never know from before to after… that is, until you turn these bad boys on!

Small discreet temperature controller has High, Low and Off positions and has a red LED for High, a Yellow LED for Low, for night time viewing.

The infrared FLIR imagery on the right shows the radiant heat being emitted from the fully installed seat heating element otherwise hidden underneath the leather surface. On the low setting, this shows a nice and toasty 113 degrees of heat on the seat surface even though it's exposed to a frigid 45 degree environment.

A batch of Seat Heaters hand assembled and hand wired to our exacting specs that results in an easy, fast and simple no cut, no strip, no crimp, no splice, no solder & no tape installation! NO ONE offers a kit as complete & simple as ours!


(4)   Seat heater pads
(2)   Relay harnesses
(2)   Moisture resistant relays
(2)   3 position dash switches
(1)   Dual fuse holders and harness
(2)   Blade Mini Fuses
(1)   Extension crossover cable
(1)   Key switch adapter cable
(1)   Dual seat Divider jumper cable
(2)   #10x3/4" Self Tap relay screws
(20) Upholstery hog rings
(1)   Detailed 8 page color illustrated

All wires are fitted with connectors, crimped and shrink tube sealed and completely "plug and play" easy to install!