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The Smith's speedometer reads in MPH, and if driving in a metric signed environment can require quick math skills or a cheat sheet pasted on the dash. However, by just installing this easy to apply subtle and discreet decal right on the glass of your Smith's Speedometer, the reverse sweep inner scale reads in Kilometers while still preserving the outer scale in Miles Per Hour without obscuring the odometer and trip odometer displays. The intricately imprinted numbers and letters match that of the original Smith's speedometer. The crystal clear decal overlay is imprinted with translucent yellow numeration and adheres good and strong!

As an additional benefit, you can use the two scales as a milage converter as well. As an example, you see a road sign that says it is 50 KM to the next fuel station. If you look on the scale, the 50 KM mark coincides with the 31 MPH mark, which means the next fuel stop is 31 miles away. A very helpful and simple added feature at a glance!

And as a special gift to you we will include a SECOND overlay for FREE, for a total of TWO overlay decals for the price of one! This way if you mess up applying the first one, or you want to freshen up the display a few years from now you will have that extra one on hand and won't need to order another!


for 2 pc: Smith's Speedometer Metric Overlay
Fits most Smith's Reverse Sweep Cobra Speedometers

          --- 2 for 1 !!! ---