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These Forged Aluminum alloy high strength spinners are beautiful gleaming works of automotive artwork. Choose either Polished to perfection or natural finish and pressure forged mechanical supremacy.

The denser pressurized alloy of the PFA spinner results in smoother surfaces and threads which means the spinners spin on easier, hold tighter and remove with ease. This also makes the threads stronger and resist "bending" if inadvertently over tightening a spinner that can reslt in the threads "locking into" the threads on the hub making removal difficult. Not with the PFA spinner

The thicker wings of the spinner mean more strength and longer lasting after many install and removals. The better material and thicker surface ring of the tapered cone means increased contact, increased longevity and reduced galling and gouging.

Available in RH and LH threads. Remember the "Backwards" theory;
RH Threads should install on the Left side of the car.     (marked RHT)
LH Threads should install on the Right side of the car.   (marked LHT)
Right hand tightens clockwise  -  Left hand tightens counter clockwise


Polished finish (left)  ---  Natural finish (right)

/set of 4 - Polished Forged Aluminum Spinners
Replacement for most original & replica Cobras

SAVE $117!!

/set of 4 - Natural Forged Aluminum Spinners
Replacement for most original & replica Cobras


/each - Drilled for safety wire
3 chamfered holes each - for up to 1/16" dia. wire)


/each - Hand threaded for Superformances
for chassis 750-ish on up using factory WAW hub adapters)

Common spinner (left), the Polished Forged Aluminum alloy spinner (right)

Note the gleam of perfection from the PFA alloy spinner on the right

Rough surface on the standard spinner (left), Much thicker material and smoother threads in the PFA (right) make for precision fit and maximum wheel retention

A batch of PFA spinners all polished up and ready to be shipped out to Cobra customers across the globe

This  batch includes both polished as well as natural finished spinners