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Street-Belts are comfortable, sleek, soft, easy to clasp, easy to adjust, easy to wear and they simply clip in place of your race harnesses in just seconds!

Traditional 3" Race harnesses are big and racy, and look cool and all that... but they can also be cumbersome, difficult to clasp and adjust for passengers and sometimes just plain "get in the way".

With all high strength Stainless Steel fastening hardware, the hardened steel alloy quick release anchor hooks included with our
Street-Belts, you can clip in your Street-Belts whenever you want comfort and ease of use or for comfortable long distance highway and backroad driving. When you want the racy look or head to the track, you can clip your race harnesses back in within seconds.

Our sleek, discreet and comfortable
Street-Belts are prefect for those road trips and rallys where you might enter and exit the vehicle often and the small slender low profile buckle with smooth rounded edges will not dig into your lap or stomach after long drives. Easliy adjustable in just seconds with only one hand.

Street-Belts are also perfect for giving rides to those unfamilar with the relatively comlex process of clasping up and adjusting the many different types of race harnesses out there. Unlike the heavy and metallic structure of race harnesses that can damage the body, paint and pipes if "flung" aside when releasing the harness, our small and lightweight Street-Belts are safe and significantly reduce any chance of damage.

While your
Street-Belts can be installed in either side, there is a specific Right and Left hand side application so that the buckle end is always toward the center of the car so it can not be inadvertantly thrown oer the door sill and onto the paint, or onto the hot side pipe, possibly damaging the buckle. This right and left configuration is identical to a stard car's configuration and will be naturally familiar to any occupant.

INSTALLATION NOTE: If your 3" wide race harnesses do not have quick release anchor hooks on the already, you can convert them by purchasing them here. When your race harnesses have quick releases on them, you can swap them out with our Street-Belts in less than 10 seconds!

Meets SAE-J386 and FMVSS 209/302 specifications.

Buy 2 sets for both driver and passenger!


/set  Street-Belts for 1 seat - Left side of car
        Black 60" lap belts with Hardened Steel Alloy quick release
        anchor hooks


/set  Street-Belts for 1 seat - Right side of car
        Black 60" lap belts with Hardened Steel Alloy quick release
        anchor hooks

SAVE $10!!

/pair Street-Belts for 2 seats - Left & Right side of car
         Black 60" lap belts with Hardened Steel Alloy quick release
         anchor hooks for both seats


/pr.  Quick Release for 1 race belt - 3" wide (2 pc.)
        For 3" Race harnesses (if you do not have them) to allow
        you to easily switch back & forth - Hardened Steel Alloy


/pr.  Floor Anchor Eyebolt for one Street Belt (2 pc.)
        To mount your Street Belts or 3" Race harnesses to the floor
if you do not already have them)