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These ultra precision high quality inserts are FULLY THREADED and used for...

1.  Repairing damaged threads in Superformance Mk-III upper & lower control arms
2.  Converting older Mk-III's to the new R/T Ball joint
3.  Making new control arms to use the standard Mk-III ball joint

These ball joint
fabrication sleeves and repair inserts are made specifically for Superformance factory or the R/T Fully adjustable ball joints. they are the correct thread, diameter and working length for a perfect fit.

High strength alloy steel is extremely easy to weld, strong, precise and incorporates deep, clean threads for maximum engagement, ultimate strength, reliable durability. To repair your existing threads, simply bore out the center of your existing threads, press our custom machined precision fit
repair insert into the bore, and place a small weld at the seam to secure. To make your own control arm, just position and weld in our fabrication sleeve into place, screw in a ball joint and you are ready to rock!


Ball Joint Mount FABRICATION Sleeve
for pre-160 Superformance Mk-III Cobra chassis


Ball Joint Mount REPAIR Insert
for all Superformance Mk-III Cobra chassis #160 and later