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Here are a few test reports from Superformance® Mk-III owners, both street, street and track, and all out track users.

Independent Test Reports

Street report: "...Put about 150 miles on today and the car felt incredible! As you know I fought a steering situation all year last year. As I would put time on the car, 10 min is all it took the steering would tighten up enough it would not return to center. It was one maybe 2 ball joints that were seizing once they had some heat in them. Probably caused by friction creating the heat which liquefied the grease and allowed the already tight ball joint to tighten up even more. This might be noted as there may be some others who have a steering situation similar to this and have been unable to find it finally just thinking it is the nature of the car. I will say that the steering effort is incredibly easier than even when all was correct on the car. Actually quite similar to power steering other than it provides incredible feedback on all that is going on between the car and the road. The steering wheel itself feels much more "taught", "solid", and yet steers like power steering. When going over bumps I no longer get the "wobble' in the steering wheel that I have felt on most Cobra's that I have driven. I attribute some of this to the tight tolerances in the taper when compared to the stock ball joints. For those that are particular enough and have enough of a "feel" when driving these cars I think it will be an incredible change for them. Those car show guys might not even notice much difference. I think it is one of the better improvements that I have made to my car..."   Scott Holley - sp2720
Street report: "...All done and road tested.  I think they did help cure the wheel shake. I always blamed it on the tires sitting for long periods that made it worse...  Very interesting. The steering also has a more responsive feel.  Like it's lighter in the front.  AND, this is all without an alignment!  When off the ground you could also feel the difference in the effort it took to turn the steering wheel..."   Craig Aylsworth - sp1265
Street report: "...I drove the car for about 25 miles, what a difference.  Less work in the turns, more stable, no shake over bumps or on the highway at speed, just a pure joy to drive!  For that alone, it was worth the money..."   Mike Murphy - sp1349
Street report: "...I have about 600 miles on the R/T Ball Joints and they are a vast improvement over the old ones. I may need to lower
the pressure on my power steering since installing them!..."   
Chester Schwer - sp2682
Street report: "...Installed the new upgrade ball joints. From start to finish it was an easy afternoon project. WOW what a difference. The annoying wheel shake at 70 mph. is gone completely... the steering feels lighter. The ball joints on 1231 had 17,000 mi. and were so stiff that they could only moved through their range of motion when held in the vice with a short piece of pipe on the stud..."   Rick Reynolds - sp1231
Street report: "...I just installed the new ball joints.  WOW !  I feel this is a must do  for every Superformance car. The benefits are noticeable, immediately it feels like you've added power assist, steering input is easier and smoother through every speed range 5-25 25-65 65-100 don't now about higher speeds, haven't been up there yet. Don't get this wrong, it is not a light feeling at any speed it seems to smooth out the steering, But when you take out your old ball joints and feel them and then feel the new ones it will all make sense. And  my 70-75mph shake is improved by 98%..."    Steve Quarcini - sp1957
Street report: "...Just finished the install and realignment of 1314.  Just like everyone says, its just like having power steering.  1314 only had 8,000 easy miles... and the lower driver's side front needed a 3' bar to move it.  Handling appears to be much improved as well as the ease of steering. Like I said to you before, you do not charge enough for these..."   Hal Taylor - sp1314
Street report: "...I have installed your geometry correction ball joints on my Cobra. The fit and install is perfect and my car drives, steers and handles like a completely different automobile. The steering effort has been reduced immensely. The "bump steer" that is normally felt in the steering wheel is completely eliminated. The steering while cornering is much smoother and more precise. The "play" in the neutral position of the steering wheel is now non existent. And here is the big one - the front end "shimmy" between 60-70 MPH is no longer present. Overall, the steering, suspension and ride is vastly improved. Your engineering efforts have really paid off on this one..."   Mark Schuster - sp2842
Street report: "...Just wanted to say the ball joints I bought from Randy are simply outstanding. I have always had vibration through the steering wheel between 70 and 80. It's gone. This is the best (money) I have spent on this car. Thanks Randy, keep applying your genius to our cars!..."    Roger Vincent - sp2080
Street report: "... I had the bump steer geometry correction version put in last week, but have not had an opportunity to have the front realigned yet.  However, the handling and ride improvement was immediately apparent at speeds below 50mph.  I have not had an opportunity to get out on the highway yet but expect the improvement there will be notable. What appears to have been corrected is the skateboard/buckboard ride and squirreliness in handling on rough or uneven road surfaces.  The wheel shake I never could get rid of seems improved also.  In summary, I am pleased that I made the change..."   Bill Sante - sp2206
Street report: "...First thing I noticed was ;
1.  A slight decrease in overall steering/turning effort.
2.  Increased smoothness felt in the steering wheel when the car was turned.
3.  Less effort was required to keep the car going in a straight line.
4.  Before you had to keep a HAND on the wheel now it only requires a couple fingers.
5.  When turning at speed it is much easier to "set" the car and not have to make steering corrections as you progress through the turn.
6.  Hitting a bump or dip with one wheel does not require steering input to keep the car on course.
7.  There is no, or much less, tendency to jerk the wheel out of your hand when you hit a bump. (1 wheel or 2)   Larry Martinson - sp2266
Track report #1: "...as my bump steer guage suggested, the new geometry created by these new ball joints allow the front suspension to maintain its static toe setting up to 1.5 inches of "droop", whereas the stock geometry would create toe change under droop creating 1/2 inch toe OUT at 1.5 inches of droop. With toe out in the front, the car will "wander" or move side to side creating instability. At above 90 mph or so the front of our cars start to lift created by the poor aerodynamics and as the front of the body lifts the suspension goes to "droop" and the higher the speed the more unstable the car becomes. At 140 mph yesterday at the track, the car was as stable as it is at 70 mph. This is due to the front toe maintaining its position rather than going toe at higher speeds. So the good news for the track guys (as I am certain we have no one that would exceed posted speed limits) the high speed stability of our SPF Cobra's feels like that of a more modern sports car, believe it or not!..."
Scott Holley - sp2720

Track report #2: "...One other note worth mentioning is the feedback felt in the steering wheel. While at the track assisting another new ball joint owner with his race setup as he has new R/T Shocks and Coils as well as the new R/T ball joints. With the stock style joints the steering wheel almost kicks back when the car is really loaded in a turn. You end up "sawing" at the steering wheel to keep the car on line. This is not positive feedback but rather mechanical resistance making you "think" you are at a limit. He took off his driving gloves to better feel the steering wheel and said the lack of mechanical resistance was so smooth he simply wasn't used to it. It changes the way the whole car acts, reacts and drives. From a racers perspective I can say, once I set the car in a turn my hands did not have to move and steering with the throttle was far easier to feel. Because of this accurate feel, many less experienced drivers will be able to drive faster and have more ability to control the direction of the car. Even the Lotus 211 and the Radical could not keep up with my street SPF Cobra on the track. Of course the new R/T Suspension double adjustable shocks and R/T Sway bars had something to do with that...."   Scott Holley - sp2720
Manufacturer's Comments...

While many of the real life true reports above prove testimony to the significant improvements in drivability, steerability, ease of turning, reduction and even elimination of steering or tire shake, wobble, vibration, wander and stiffness as well as smoother suspension reaction, better handling, and high speed stability... keep in mind the car's spindle tapered depth, consistency from side to side as well as the previously installed ball joint type, height and condition... all have a bearing on each individual result after installing these new performance ball joints and results can vary from car to car.

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