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-  Custom made just for the Superformance® Mk-III Cobra
-  Hybrid Metric inner threads with SAE outer threads
-  Relocated dust boot groove for extended boot travel
-  Unique greasable inner joint no other SPF tie rod has
-  Stronger materials
-  Longer lasting life
-  Tighter more precise fit - Eliminate clearance and looseness
-  Smoother steering action - Reduce Tire shake
-  Quiet operation - Reduce Steering Wheel Shimmy
-  Greaseable and Maintainable further increasing life


These custom made high performance Inner Tie Rod assemblies are made by
Bullet-Proof Steering Systems© specifically for the Superformance® Mk-III Cobra as a direct fit, direct replacement and significant Upgrade. Our inner tie rods fit the factory outers, and our outer tie rods fit the factory inners without any modifications required. They are interchangeable or can be bought as a set.

The boot grooves have been relocated to relax the compressed factory boot for more travel and freer operation. Aside from rotating the internal bearings when steering left or right, this tie rod application moves up and down every time the suspension does, so there is a lot of movement and wear potential at these joints.

These custom made beauties feature our unique and proprietary GREASEABLE inner ball joint which no other replacement tie rod offers. The custom made low profile grease fitting will not get caught on the rubber dust boot and tear it.

All other inner tie rods come greased at the factory and that is the last time it can ever be greased. Over time and usage the pressure of the ball onto the bearing surface squishes the lubrication film out of the cavity and it can wear, increase friction and reduce smoothness. Our uniquely greaseable tie rods prevent this by recharging the bearing with new grease in just a few minutes!

** Includes detailed instructions allowing easy replacement
     with no front end shop re-alignment required **

- Fits Most Superformance Cobras -


/ea.  Inner Tie Rod - Custom built for Superformance Mk3
with greasable ball joint
Direct replacement and Upgrade for Superformance Mk-III Cobra


/ea.  Outer Tie Rod - Ultra High Quality for SPF Mk-3
w/ greasable ball joint - Includes boot, stud nut & jam nut
Direct replacement and Upgrade for Superformance Mk-III Cobra


/set of 4  Inner & Outer Tie Rod - Complete front end set
All of the above for both sides, left and right, inner & outer
Direct replacement and Upgrade for Superformance Mk-III Cobra

All other Tie Rods for this application have a non-greaseable inner ball, which over time can run dry, corrode and prematurely wear the bearing surface due to the abrasive corrosion potentially causing tire shake and steering wheel shimmy. Our custom Tie Rods are fully greaseable, both inner and outer and completely solve this.

Our Custom made Inner and outer tie rods are made specifically for the Superformance Mk-III Cobra and is a direct bolt on fit. You can use our inner tie rods with the factory outers, Our outer tie rods with the factory inners, or as a full complete replacement kit. Our unique greaseable inner ball joint and out tie rod end can last twice as long, twice as smooth and twice as tight as any others. No modifications needed.

The lengthy custom precision machining process ensures that this upgraded, improved, stronger, smoother and longer lasting Tie Rod fits and works perfectly on your Superformance® Mk-III Cobra.

Every unique process is individually and painstakingly overseen and meticulously hand crafted for precision and accurate results providing maximum performance for many years of operation.

Once completed and fully machined and our signature greaseable inner ball joint are added, all this beauty is covered up with a black coating & includes very detailed instructions anyone can follow.

Our incredibly detailed and precise step by step instructions will gently guide you to be able to replace your tie rods yourself, and in most cases not even require an expensive front end alignment afterwards!


How to Diagnose if your car needs new Tie-Rods

In order to inspect your car to see if new tie rods are needed by checking for play in the joints, you must perform this diagnosis with the weight of the car on the tires, and the tires on a non-smooth, flat surface. This can be done on a 4 post lift or on ramps, but is best performed on a rough, paved surface, to provide as much friction and resistance as possible as well as place the tie rod joints in their normal wear and operating positions.

1.)  With an assistant wiggling the steering wheel back and forth from the 10 to the 2 o'clock position, place your hand over the outer tie rod end and knuckle it attaches to (yellow arrow below), and feel for any clearance, play or unwanted movement of any kind between the knuckle and the tie rod. Vary the wiggling of the steering wheel from slowly and smoothly to jerking it fast and hard.

2.)  Then do the same procedure by placing your hand over the inner tie rod joint and the tie rod going out to the wheel (orange arrow). You can feel the "bulge" of the inner joint under the boot. Have the assistant move the steering wheel back and forth feeling the same amount for any clearance, play or unwanted movement of any kind between the knuckle and the tie rod.

If you feel any play at all any of the 4 joints, you need new tie-rods!