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Too many times improper suspension components and incorrect installation methods are used resulting in inferior and substandard handling, ride quality and safety. Illustrated below are examples of some of those you might run across...

Rear coil spring too short and adjuster can not turn up any further - ran out of threads. Results in inadequate suspension travel & inability to properly raise the car to the desired and correct ride height.

Front coil spring too short resulting in a loose coil at the top when suspension extends. Or suspension set too low. Results in noisy clunks and possibility of spring hat falling out and suspension collapsing.

Superformance cars are made with 12mm shock mount eyelets. Some shocks being spec'd for these cars have 1/2" eyelets using the smaller stock 12mm bolts and mount holes. This allows these incorrectly sourced shocks to bounce up and down on the bolt by up to 1/16 of an inch during normal operation.