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the "Big Four" upgrades that like to be made the Superformance Cobras are the 1. Suspension Mounts, 2. Shocks and Springs, 3. Sway Bars and 4. Ball Joints. Those four upgrades will truly transform your Superformance into a genuine Supercar, whether it's Brand New or 25 years old, and if it's driven on the street, or the track, or both... everyone feels the same improvements and benefits.

Everyone here owns and & drive these cars, everyday. We just don't fabricate & sell parts, we TEST & USE them OURSELVES to the absolute extreme !

Polyurethane sway bar bushings
Brake Rotor / Bearing & SS Hose Kit

Brake balance control valve
Shelby CSX Cobra R/T Shocks & Springs
SPF Mk-III Cobra R/T Shocks & Springs
SPF GT40 R/T Shocks & Springs
SPF Coupe R/T Shocks & Springs
Shelby CSX Coupe R/T Shocks & Springs
Superformance Cobra R/T Sway Bar KIT
  - SPF Sway Bar Front Frame Mount Plate
  - R/T Sway Bar Rod End Replacements
  - R/T End Link Rear ADAPTERS
  - R/T End Link front CONVERSION
  - R/T Sway Bar Space Sleeves
  - R/T Sway Bar Lock Ring Collars
Superformance R/T Rear Shock Mount
Superformance Upper Rear Susp Joint
Superformance R/T Hi-Perf Spindles
Superformance R/T Hi-Perf Ball Joints
Threaded Ball Joint Repair Sleeve Inserts
Superformance Wheel Studs
Rear Axle Nuts for wheel bearing

Road & Track High Performance Shock and Spring Suspension Systems specifically designed, road and track tested for the Superformance Mk-III Cobra, Superformance Daytona Coupe and the Superformance GT40!

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