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R/T Racing Parts™ created a professionally engineered, designed, track tested and street tested complete front and rear replacement sway bar upgrade package specifically for the Superformance® Mk-III Cobra's! When using the more desirable free floating spherical rod end links, this allows the entire sway bar to easily and uncontrollably slide side to side during operation which can result in rod end bind, premature rod end wear and link damage as well as well rubbing, grinding and binding on the control arm plates. These billet machined alloy locking rings clamp perfectly over your front or rear R/T sway bars and have been purposely machined to compensate for the powder coating thickness specifically for the R/T sway bars for a perfect, tight and secure fit without damaging the sway bar's powder coating, so they can be easily adjusted and readjusted without concern. Once fitted on either side of the frame bushings (2 rings per bar), the sway bar can no longer move side to side and will remain perfectly centered under all possible conditions.

It takes only a minute to clamp these on over the existing R/T bars and you do not need to remove or alter anything.  They are even powder coated to match the frame bushings to make them as unnoticeable and as discreet as possible while under your car and doing their job. The rear needs a spacer to fit the rings in and are included with the complete front and rear kit.


Billet Machined Alloy
Steel 2pc. Lock Ring Kit
for Front R/T Sway Bar
for 24mm - 15/16" Sway Bar


These upgraded sway bar lock rings fit cars equipped with R/T replacement Sway Bar for the Superformance® Mk-III

The Upgraded Steel Alloy lock ring clamps directly over your R/T™ front sway bars to prevent any side to side movement under use to keep the floating spherical rod end links in perfect alignment eliminating contact between the rod ends and the control arms as well as keeping the sway bar centered for optimal performance. While the bends in the rear bar will limit side to side movement, the lock rings will prevent the free floating front bar from moving.