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R/T Racing Parts created a professionally engineered, designed, track tested and street tested complete front and rear replacement sway bar upgrade package specifically for the Superformance® Mk-III Cobra's! The rear end links that are supplied with the sway bars were intended for the later cars, and early cars in the range of chassis numbers 200 and down require adaptors to allow them to fit. This bolt on rear end link adapter kit uses all the original R/T sway bar hardware and adapts them to the early car chassis models. Custom hand crafted from Ultra High strength alloy sleeves and Ultra Hgh strength threaded rod.

Rear end Link Adapter kit
fits early '95-'96 cars equipped with R/T replacement Sway Bar for the Superformance® Mk-III

This adapter kit allows the R/T aftermarket sway bar system to fit the early 1995-96 made Superformance Mk-IIIs

Shown above with the existing rod ends supplied with the aftermarket R/T Sway Bar system

Complete kit Shown above