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R/T Racing Parts™ created a professionally engineered, designed, track tested and street tested complete front and rear replacement sway bar upgrade package specifically for the Superformance® Mk-III Cobra's! In some cases the suspension travel may exceed the operating angles of the rod ends supplied by GTP™. When this occurs, usually either at full suspension extension, suspension compression, or both, excessive wear and premature rod end failure may result as well as possible damage to the mounting bracket and breaking the control arm plate due to the bending forces transferred to it when the rod end bind occurs. Cobra Valley designed an upgraded, precision machined, hand fabricated high strentgth, high flex Chromemoly Rod End Spacer sleeve to directly replace the GTP™ versions.

Our very special Cobra Valley Spacer Sleeves are made with a smaller and more precise inside diameter which allows for a smaller outside diameter as well as the higher strength steel we used allows for a thinner wall thickness, once again adding to the reduced outside diameter. The significant reduction in the overall diameter allows a dramatic increase in rod end ball articulation by an additional 43% and reduced bearing stress, wear and binding. This Rod end Spacer Sleeve upgrade kit is a direct bolt-on kit replacement easily installed in under an hour with just a few simple hand tools. NO MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED. These spacer sleeves are the same high flex sleeves used for our "Missing Link" front end link upgrade kit.


Chromemoly Precision
3/8" dia. Spacer Sleeves

These upgrade spacers fit only cars equipped with R/T
replacement Sway Bar for the Superformance® Mk-III cars


12pc. Kit: Chromemoly Precision 3/8" dia. Spacer Sleeves


These Upgraded 4130 Chromemoly machined Rod End Spacer Sleeves are rated at three times the strength over the originally supplied Stanrdard versions, as well as improving and increasing rod end articulation by and additional +14 degrees total travel, or 43% more travel than the original sleeves supplied with the GTP™ sway bars. The rod end assemblies can articulate 1/2" further side to side than the originally supplied GTP™ versions. The 12-pack kit provides the necessary spacer sleeves to replace all the front lower and rear upper and lower sleeves completely.

Spacer sleeve can easily fit between rod end and sway bar with tires on the ground and end-link nearly vertical

Note the thinner Chomemoly material of the Cobra Valley Hi-Flex machined sleeve compared to the thicker mild steel Standard version

Rod end can articulate sufficiently when the suspension is at rest. But the Standard versions can not swing any further than that.

Rod end can articulate sufficiently when the suspension is at rest. The Cobra Valley Hi-Flex sleeves allow significantly more travel

Rod end at it's maximum articulation won't allow standard sleeves between it & the sway bar & already forcing the 2 ends of the sway bar together before being completely assembled. This severe rod end bind results in premature wear and/or failure as well as the extra stress bending, fatiguing & breaking the C-bracket. If the C-bracket is leveraged, the plate on the control arm could also break.

Even with the suspension completely dropped the Cobra Valley Hi-Flex sleeves still have plenty of articulation left as you can see with the extra room between it and the sway bar. By preventing rod end bind the rod ends will last longer, operate smoother, prevent C-bracket failure, reduce the chance of the control arm plate breaking off and also prevent the sway bar from being abnormally stressed.

The Cobra Valley Hi-Flex Spacer sleeves on the same rod end as the standard sleeve shows how much more of the bearing ball is exposed thus resulting in 43% more articulation allowing 14 degrees more travel and over 1/2" increased side to side rod end movement.