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Here is a direct replacement, exact bolt on, no modification *UPGRADE* designed and manufactured exclusively by Advanced Automotive Technologies (Patent pending), to replace your original Superformance Mk-III Upper Rear Suspension Mounts. This replacement mount addresses and solves all the concerns of the factory mount by;  (1) Utilizing all 4 holes instead of just two,  (2) Increasing the leverage strength resulting from the increased mounting hole spacing,  (3) Manufactured from thicker and stronger steel,  (4) Tighter clearances and closer hole tolerances,  (5) Improved strength hardware and bolts strengths,  (6) Proper fitting bolts remove the weaker thread portion from the shear area,  (7) Rigid, stronger, thicker side plates distribute more even pressure onto the thicker edges of frame tube rather than on the weaker middle which reduces frame crush and therefore increases torque retention of the bolts keeping the mount tighter with less pressure needed. The Difference in just the MASS of steel used in the upgrade mount is 45.6 ounces each compared to the stock bracket weighing in at only 24.4 ounces. This is almost double the mass not to mention the increased strength in the steel material and design! This is nt a just another "fix", it is the CURE.

This mount duplicates the original shock and suspension settings and shock mounting location will not change ride height or affect the rear end alignment. This mount is adjustable to be installed at the typical factory bottom position or moved up one notch into the higher position. This new Upgrade bracket is made on a jig to exacting tolerances and are hand made one at a time in order to produce this kind of quality and precision, and very time and labor intensive resulting in absolute perfection.


Set/2 Complete Suspension Mount UPGRADE   
for all Superformance Mk-III Cobras chassis #1-1670
w/ 4x 8mm frame holes


Set/2 Complete Suspension Mount UPGRADE   
for all Superformance Mk-III Cobras chassis #1671-approx 2950
w/ 2x 8mm & 2x 10mm frame holes


Set/2 Complete Suspension Mount UPGRADE   
for all Superformance Mk-III Cobras chassis approx #2950 to approx 3150 w/ 1x 8mm & 3x 10mm frame holes


Set/2 Complete Suspension Mount UPGRADE   
for all Superformance Mk-III Cobras chassis approx #3150+
w/ 3x 10mm frame holes only

*** Cobra Valley Exclusive! Our kits come complete with uniquely specific
instructions created only by us that virtually ANYONE to install!

This high quality precision manufactured upgraded suspension mount system was professionally designed, engineered and produced specifically for Superformance and their Mk-III Roadster, and is Officially endorsed by Superformance USA  llc. as the permanent solution in their 2008 Technical Service Bulletin!

You do NOT need to "upgrade" to a larger bolt mount - Simply order the bolt size version you have on your car now for an easy DIRECT BOLT-ON installation!

This information is based on an independent study comparing failure load ratings of stock mounts to the stronger R/T Upgrade Mount

This high quality upgrade kit includes everything you'll need to equip your Superformance® Mk-III Cobra with strengthened and improved upper rear R/T Suspension Mounts. With the proper tools & after completely reading these detailed instructions, your installation time should be approximately 1- to 2 hours from wheels off to wheels back on the ground. While the installation is relatively quick and easy, we have assembled and included a very detailed six page information and instruction pamphlet of illustrations and descriptions to assist you through a successful installation. Yes, with these detailed instructions, YOU CAN install them yourself!

...see example below


Just prior to ordering upgraded R/T suspension mounts this owner stated that he drives his car very little, mostly on good roads, never on a track and he was sure his mounts were in good condition. Until, the mounts were actually closely inspected which revealed the mounts were already tilted upwards significantly and the bolts were already sheared nearly halfway through. Even though the mounts do appear to be "ok", you can see the reality of the condition with a 90 degree square placed on the mount and frame.