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Ball Joint Ratings
Based on Performance improvement, Geometry correction, friction resistance reduction, Smoothness of operation and wear surface Longevity.

We've been working on this version for a while. A long while. 6 years to be exact. When we came out with the R/T Geometry Correction ball joints for the Superformance Mk-III they were amazing in solving numerous control and comfort issues making the cars drive better than a brand new car of any caliber! We immediately began working on making them even better and better and created the Ultra Smooth version which is hand lapped, hand fitted and hand polished for an even smoother fell and performance. Ever since then we've  been creating the ultimate version of this ball joint, and we finally have! We were running out of names and called our newest version the Super Ultra Smooth-II !

R/T Geometry Correction Super Ultra Smooth-II Hard Coat Ceramic Coated ball joints for the Superformance Mk-III


On a scale of 1 to 10, this is how long term testers of these ball joints have listed them in order of preference...

original and aftermarket replacement offerings don't even rate up to a "zero", which is where you'd expect most ball joints should performe in your daily driver car or truck.

The Cobra Valley
Geometry Correction Performance versions rate 5 times better than a good, decent premium "Race" style aftermarket joint, but without the problems of a race joint.

The Improved
Ultra-Smooth version is again another 1-1/2 times better than the previous option and 6.5 times better than even the premium aftermarket offerings.

Finally the newest addition to our line up is the
Super-Ultra Smooth-II version with its hard coat industrial ceramic coated bearing surfaces rated at a 10+ on the scale making them significantly smoother operating, longer lasting, reduced wear and, did we say much smoother? Yeah, they are the absolute smoothest ones yet and the reason they are at a 10 is because we now know there is just no way to make these top of the line ball joints any better than this. Believe me, we tried!

The new Super Ultra Smooth-II version ball joint and bearing race is industrial hard coat high pressure Ceramic coated and heat treated for the ultimate performance, smoothness and longevity

Do not confuse this process with the common ceramic coat on your exhaust which is just a thermal rust preventative beauty coating.

This is an acid etched, deep treatment that seals in the metal reducing wear and super slippery, not a just coating covering on top of it.

R/T Geometry Correction Ultra Smooth ball joints for the Superformance Mk-III



R/T Geometry Correction ball joints for the Superformance Mk-III

Aftermarket Premium
ball joint offerings

Aftermarket Moog, TRW, etc. or Factory ball joint offerings

- 2.0

Using a very special and unique acid prepping, application and heat treating process we were able to bond a super slick slippery extremely wear resistant high load pressure chemical deep into the metal of the bearing surfaces to make our new Super Ultra Smooth-II version of our ball joints by far the best ones yet! The hard industrial Ceramic coated ball and bearing race surfaces can resist up to 350,000 psi of load pressure and will never wear off lubricated. Not only does this reduce friction and improves it's slipperiness, but also allows us to to preset the pre-load twice as tight with half the clearance resulting in being 3 times smoother than even the previous Ultra Smooth version! They are incredible.

In our quest in searching for the absolute best of the best, we tried and tested many different materials, surfaces and processes including Teflon coating, Titanium coating and even industrial hard flash chroming at a 72 Rockwell hardness rating. But nothing came close to the amazing results our high pressure industrial Cerama Coating process in both friction reduction and wear resistance creating the smoothest, slickest and most impressive performance ball joint yet, and ever. We've finally reached our goal
and this is it! 

(left)  Standard ball and bearing race  --  (right) Our new industrial hard coat high pressure Ceramic coated Super Ultra Smooth-II  version!

A small hand crafted batch of our new Super Ultra Smooth-II ball/bearing race's industrial ceramic coating being heat applied and treated!

The ball and bearing race is meticulously prepped with a special blend of media etching, acid etching and cleaning prior to ceramic coating