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Grand Touring Parts™ created a professionally engineered, designed, track tested and street tested complete front and rear replacement sway bar upgrade package specifically for the Superformance® Mk-III Cobra's! While Cobra Valley was creating the very detailed installation and operation manual that is provided EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY in the GTP™ Sway Bar kits we sell, we also discovered a very beneficial upgrade point of performance for the sway bar front end links. Cobra Valley designed this upgrade kit to replace and eliminate the soft, cushy poly end link donut grommets with solid and strong Spherical rod ends both at the top and bottom of the front connection points, just like the rear GTP™ sway bar is. Full solid spherical rod end fitted end-links eliminate any and all flex that the

soft donut bushings create which can dramatically increase response and can improve handling as well as raise up the sway bar clearance off the round on early Superformance® cars. This kit fits both early and late model cars with the different style control arms being used. This 'Missing Link'  upgrade kit is a direct bolt-on kit easily installed in under an hour with just a few simple hand tools. NO MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED. Everything you will need to fit any Superformance car is included in this complete kit. The full adjustability allows you to eliminate sway bar pre-load and evenly balance the suspension.


Complete GTP Sway Bar front End-Link Conversion
for Superformance Mk-III Cobra

This upgrade end link kit fits only cars already equipped with the front GTP replacement Sway Bar and fits both early and late model Superformance® Mk-III cars which have different  control arms


This kit includes everything you need, Bolts, nuts, washers, bushings, special conversion mounting brackets PLUS...  Upgraded Chromemoly Spherical Rod End Bearings rated at twice the strength over the originally supplied GTP™ versions, as well as longer lasting, improved wear resistance & durability under harsh conditions. Also included are upgraded 4130 Chromemoly machined Spacer Sleeves to allow full rod end bearing rotation and articulation, reducing bearing bind and increasing rod end travel by 43% more than the original GTP™ spacers.

Cobra Valley Missing Link End Link Conversion kit

The Cobra Valley Missing Link Spherical end-link Conversion kit provides everything you need to convert your GTP™ Sway bar equipped front suspension over to a full, solid upper and lower spherical rod end link system which improves the handling and increases the response over the already impressive GTP™ sway bar kit.

By replacing & eliminating all four of the soft, cushy polyurethane end link bushings, there is no uncontrolled or unwanted flex and movement allowing the sway bar to do all the work & control the suspension roll without interference. 4130 Chromemoly spacer sleeves & Chromemoly Spherical Rod Ends.

Cobra Valley Missing Link End Link Conversion kit

Standard GTP Poly-Bushings

The Cobra Valley Missing Link Spherical rod end-link Conversion kit is compact, strong, fully adjustable and best of all, solid! No flex, no movement, no play or clearance. Just pure, solid performance! Only one very thin jam nut is needed in between the two spherical rod ends, thereby reducing the overall end link height and more compact.

The  GTP front end links use four tall, thick and soft poly donut bushings which  allows unwanted up and down movement. Two thick jam nuts are needed to space the thick bushing and washer hanging down.

Cobra Valley Missing Link End Link Conversion kit... in two different mounting options

The Cobra Valley Missing Link Spherical rod end-link Conversion kit shown at the left mounted on the bottom side of the control arm, and to the right shown mounted to the top side of the same control arm. This option available on early cars and those without a reinforcing rib on the plate allows for increased ground clearance.

Cobra Valley Missing Link End Link Conversion kit

Standard GTP Poly-Bushings

The Cobra Valley Missing Link Spherical rod end-link Conversion kit is shown at the left mounted to the top side of the same control arm on an early car, and the standard GTP poly donut bushing end link with two full sized jam nuts are shown mounted on the same car at the right. Note the improved ground clearance and more solid link connection of the Cobra Valley Missing Link conversion kit.

Standard GTP Poly-Bushings during cornering...

Notice the deflection of the compressing polyurethane grommets originally supplied as the sway bar begins to see torsional stress when cornering. The Missing Link solid end link conversion kit eliminates ALL deflection, flex and compression, increasing response & improving handling.


Direct Replacement High
quality Chromemoly
Hardened High Strength
Lined Alloy Spherical
Rod Ends
(custom made to provide increased ground clearance over other rod ends)