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Do you happen to have an engine that came with the Accel DFI Generation 7-Plus Digital Fuel Injection? Either throttle body, direct port or 8-Stack injection and would like to fine tune your induction to perfection? Today is your lucky day!

This easy to learn software package comes with everything you need to learn, install, maintain, fine tune and troubleshoot your Accel Gen 7-Plus digital injection systems.


Cobra Valley Assembled Complete Tuning Software Suite only f/Accel DFI 7

With your  ECU communication cable and a full featured "PRO-Key" level built in and this software, you will allow access to each and every option in the Accel DFI Gen 7-Plus Fuel Injection computer commonly used on Accel equipped Roush "IR" engines. It will allow access to many hidden and beneficial areas of the computer for maximum engine control with no limitations.

A Serial cable with a USB to serial converter is preferred by even the professionals to eliminate electrical noise interference and reduces unstable connections. when connecting to a lap top over a USB only cable.

With this software, calibrations may be opened, viewed, changed and  monitored live as well as saved to a computer and reloaded later or to another engine. Password protect your engine or programs. Easy to use even for first timers! Share favorite engine programs from other users. Make your Fuel Injected engine really perform!

Electronically set your idle speed, cold warm up speed, and even increase the idle at higher water temps to help cool it down automatically. You can even program your engine to "rev" higher during warm up to "tell you your car is ready" at a certain pre-determined temperature... just for fun. Set your timing and advance at the touch of a computer key. Electronically retard timing for the first cranks to let the starter work more easily on high compression engines, or when hot. Change the rev limiter of the ignition or even the fuel delivery where you can reduce ignition on one step, and fuel on another. Even set nitrous activation settings if you have that equipment present. Of course, that is all
in addition to all the other ignition and fuel management functions. Use the "auto-cal" feature to allow your wideband exhaust sensor to automatically adjust the ECU's optimum fuel ratio at any given RPM while you drive without even looking at the computer. Even data log your engine's operation LIVE while driving and review later! Fine tune your engine to a level that no single day Dyno tuner could ever achieve, even if it's your first time at this!

In addition to all this we have included a FREE COMPLETE UPGRADE to the original software with the latest drivers, operating program and extremely detailed step by step procedures to install your software communications package onto your computer, with all the essentials needed to get you up and running (you can not get this with the original Accel product making you have to search out all these individual components on your own). This means there is no need to further upgrade, update, modify, search the web or look for added components to get this running. In the past the original version took even the most web savvy nerds over 3 to 4 hours to do this. With THIS UNIQUE ADDED software suite package, even the most unwilling computer users got their system up and running in under 30 minutes! That is an invaluable advantage to have. And on top of all that, we have included some custom engine programs specifically for the Roush Accel injected 8-stack engines if you have one of them.

Included in the complete software tuning kit put together by Cobra Valley

1.)  CD Software, Programs and Technical Materials
      *  All of the below bundled into one easy to navigate CD

a.)  Accel CalMap Engine Management software

b.)  Latest generation Management software version update included!
      *  Detailed step by step software installation procedures made easy
      *  Gen 7plus Demo Program
      CalMap+PowerKey Installer
      Latest CalMap Updated Software
      Wibu-Key Drivers
      Numerous original and Updated version Roush IR Injection Files

c.)  Color Printable Detailed Manuals
      Gen 7-Plus Operating Manual
      Instruction Manual for helpful tuning EFI tips
      Instruction Manual for EFI pre-start setup tips
      Instruction Manual for 6A digital ignition DFI
      Instructions for PRO 7 digital ignition
      Instructions for DIS 8 ignition system
      Instruction Manual for competition fuel pressure regulator for fuel injection
      Instructions Manual for digital single stage nitrous processor
      Instructions Manual for dual sync distributors
      Instructions Manual for DFI Distributor Setup ands phasing
      Instructions Manual for 8-stack throttle balance
      Accel Parts List

d.)  Color Printable Detailed Diagrams
Wiring diagram for Gen 7 main installation
      Wiring diagram for dual sync distributor
      Wiring diagram for fan control harness