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Check out our aluminum AN Vise Jaws

Aircraft AN fittings require special wrenches to keep them looking good while securing them for maximum sealing and reliability. Using standard wrenches on these expensive fittings can ruin them as well as not securely tighten them, possibly resulting in leakage and equipment damage.

Do not confuse these with similar but cheaply made softer aluminum wrenches sold elsewhere. These professional aircraft service wrenches are made from the highest quality heat treated hardened aluminum and machined from billet stock to exacting tolerances for a precise fit, and hard coat anodized for long lasting service and wear. These wide 3/8" thick tools are soft enough to prevent knicks, gouges, scratches and even prevent marring the finish on soft aluminum fittings, yet hard enough to exert the necessary force needed to firmly secure AN fittings properly.

The unique corner reliefs prevent contact at the edges of the AN fittings, thus eliminate rounding and marring of the surface. The small drilled holes at the interior of the corner reliefs reduce stress on the wrench to maintain maximum strength  when exerting full force. The multiple lightening holes allow a single finger to be inserted to do the fastening chores in tight spaces where a full hand grip is not possible. The varied length of each sized  wrench is designed to allow just enough torque to be applied without over tightening the fitting.

Either buy just the individual ones you need, or get the entire set to cover any AN aircraft fitting need! Unlike other "economy" similar appearing wrenches, these will not bend or fold over on the edges under normal torque and usage! Color coded and stamped for easy identification and made to last a long, long time even under repeated use.

COMPARISON NOTE: These wrenches are of much higher quality and have a harder surface than some of the other imported versions which copy other companies in appearance but not quality, and sell for less. We have tested these other wrenches and found them to be softer in composition which results in a much shorter life, less durability and less strength for maximum torquing. The problem with the other lower quality wrenches is that their less durable material and softer composition allows the wrench contact surfaces to "bend" slightly and thus mar the finish of the fitting as well as any other aluminum fitting surface it touches after that. Imprecision and variance of the jaw fit onto the nut also tends to bend the corner on a loose fit, or scratch the surface on a too tight of fit.

* *  =  includes ALL 8 of the above wrenches
            in a protective heavy gauge vinyl
            folding storage case 
SAVE $40.00