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This simple and easy to use tool quickly and effortlessly removes pressed in ball joints without the need for a press, air hammer, torch heat or pickle forks.

Simply place the hollow end over the stud of one ball joint, and screw up the recessed swivel head of the tool in contact with the stud face of the opposing ball joint. Screw the shaft up and press out the ball joint, and turn the tool around to do the other one. That's all there is to it

The smooth working threads transfer maximum torque from the turning force into pressure to the ball joint stud. The ball stem under the swivel head conforms to diverse angles as well as providing smooth, secure force.

Strong, precision machined alloy steel provides many years of reliable service from such a simple, lightweight and compact tool. Using the optional extension sleeves allows the tool to service other, larger appkciations.

This tool has a 4.00" to 6.25" working length from end to end. With the optional extension sleeve kit, the reach is increased to a total of 8.75".


/ea. Ball Joint Separator tool
w/Swivel head
Easily separate pressed in joints without a pickle fork or air hammer with no damage
4.00" to 6.25" working length


/pair   Extension Sleeves
f/ Ball Joint Separator tool
Allows tool to be used where wider stud to stud applications are present
1.25" extension each