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This meticulously machined tool has a precision CNC milled socket recess made to precisely fit the special shaped nut of the R/T Ball Joint with exacting accuracy. This precision fit provides maximum contact area for a firm grip that eliminates the tool from slipping off as well as reduce damage to the ball joint under use. The high strength steel allows torque pressures up to 150 ft/lbs. (Do not use an Impact wrench with this socket)

The other end fits a standard 1/2' square drive ratchet or breaker bar. This socket also fits the standard Superformance Mk-III upper and lower OEM ball joints for removal when installing the R/T Ball Joints.


Installation Socket tool
Precision machined
for R/T Super Ball Joints - Special size


Installation Socket tool
Premium Version
same as above but deeper engagement and hard gold cadnium plated

Fits R/T Ball Joint