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Treating burns immediately will
reduce pain and further injury !

Not everyone respects the side pipes on a sports car or motorcycle, and when skin touches a hot pipe, a painful burn can result. Whether it be a minor burn or a serious burn, the best defense is immediate on the spot treatment with the proper medicine.
We've put together a complete kit of the essential medical items needed to treat most minor burns on the spot all in one very small compact and handy package.

Treating the burn fast & correctly

Treating a burn on the spot will prevent unnecessary pain and begin the healing process right away rather then waiting and letting it get worse, possibly causing scars and infection. Immediately cooling the burn early slows or stops the thermal insult. Why let a little burn ruin someone's day rather than enjoying a splendorous day driving the backroads under the sun.

Snake-Bite Emergency Burn Treatment Kits have been carefully prepared with all the necessary components to clean, treat and dress common burns right on the spot within seconds of the incident. Just slip this easy to store, compact emergency burn treatment kit in your car's glove box or trunk, in your motorcycle's storage compartment and even in your tool box and the camping trailer!


A burn is the resulting damage to the skin and underlying tissue created by heat, chemicals or electricity. Burns can damage and destroy the skin cells. Deeper burns may involve fat, muscle and bone. The temperature and length of time that the skin is exposed to the source determines the depth of injury. Burns range in severity from
(1) Superficial or first degree, (2) Partial or second degree and, (3) Full thickness or third degree.


1. Open the moisture resistant reclosable slide top package and slip your hands into one or two of the non-latex lightly powdered vinyl Exam Gloves that are supplied with every kit. These one size fits all exam gloves are easy to slip on and will prevent contamination of the burn while treating it. The non-allergenic vinyl glove will not irritate sensitive skin and will fit even the largest hands and fingers.

2. The first step is to thoroughly clean the burn and surrounding area to reduce the chance of infection. If the wound area is already relatively clean, skip to step 3.  Use the included sealed Instant Wash Up cleansing wipes containing Benzalkonium Chloride and Denatured Alcohol to clean the wound. These sealed packets contain a disposable clean up cloth saturated with medical cleansing chemicals and dries in seconds.

3. Next, using the included sealed Antiseptic disinfectant wipes for a final clean of the wound for further infection prevention containing Benzalkonium Chloride saturated cloths. These disposable antiseptic treatments are used as hospital grade disinfectants.

    NEVER apply ice, petroleum or oil-based ointments!

4. Now apply the supplied Burn-Jel® Cooling Gel containing Lidocaine which stops the burn's progression, relieves pain, and reduces risk of infection while cooling and soothing the burn by drawing heat out of the wound and dissipating it on contact. The gel consists of 96% water and has the same cooling effects as water, but because it is thick, it stays on the burn and doesn't evaporate. Water-Jel also contains a small amount of the natural extract Melaleuca Alternifolia, better known as Tea Tree. This has anti-bacterial activity to help prevent infection while the Lidocaine is a very powerful pain reliever. Burn-Jel® is individually sealed in 3.5g packets which eliminates the risk cross contamination. (Burn Jel freezes at 5F but can be used again when thawed at ambient temperatures.)

5. Then apply the individually packaged sterile 4"x 4" soft, absorbent Non-Stick Dressing to cover the burn area. This protects the burn from infection while keeping dirt out and cushions the wound against irritation.

6. For more serious burns, the DELUXE KIT includes a ready to go pre-soaked Water-Jel® 4"x4" sterile dressing which are individually sealed and ready to apply. These dressings are generously soaked in ointment for more severe burns. Water Jel® is a benign gel that will not irritate eyes, nose, mouth or mucous membranes. These gel-soaked, sterile medical-grade pads  are water-based, water-soluble and works to cool the burn... not the patient.

7. After that, loosely wrap the dressing with the included 2" wide Stretch Gauze Roll. The 13 foot long roll will provide more than enough for several applications if needed.

8. Cut the excess stretch gauze with the included Bandage Scissors.

9. Next secure the gauze wrap with the included Safety Pins. The pins allow for easy re-adjustment for tightness if necessary later on and does not create tension and additional pain to the wound during removal like tape can.

10. Finally, clean up is made easy with the included sealed moistened Instant Wash Up cleansing wipe.

Each kit is capable of treating several incidents and the handy reclosable package keeps your kit prepared and ready at all times.