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"With this handy little tool you can easily de-bead a tire on the spot without a big expensive tire machine. You can even debead the tire while it's still on the vehicle…"
FastBreak D-Beader™ is the perfect tool for breaking the tire's bead where you would otherwise rather not trust a tire shop with your expensive rims. You can do it anywhere at anytime, at home or in the field on the spot.

Within seconds the
FastBreak D-Beader™ can have the bead unseated off the rim. You can even debead a tire while the rims is still on the vehicle! Perfect for changing valve stems to upgrade to new ones or replace old and leaking ones. Also great for removing internal balancing powder is necessary without requiring the entire rim and tire to be removed from the vehicle.

FastBreak D-Beader™ is a light weight super strong tool that's easy to use and handle. Does not touch the outside face of the rim eliminating possible marks or gouges found even on many professional tire changing machines.


D-Beader Tire De-beading Tool
works with all 14" through 17" diameter wheels


First, simply hook each end of the D-Beader tool behind the back side of  the rim lip. Pull up on the middle handle to securely hold the tool onto the rim. You're now ready to go!



Next, while still pulling up on the middle handle, grasp the top handle and pull to actuate the de-beading mechanism. The bead will release with very little effort.


A close up of the de-beading mechanism before actuation shows how it does not touch the outer rim in anyway. Everything is behind the rim face, eliminating damage.

As you pull up on the top handle, the actuator spreads apart and separates the tire bead from the rim lip and pops it over the safety ridge on the rim, freeing it from each other.

When dealing with tough, stuck on beads, by simply working your way around the tire in two or three sessions you will have de-beaded the entire tire in seconds.  You can de-bead a tire in as fast as 15 seconds!

The positive leverage geometry requires very little effort to de-bead even the toughest tires and allows fast and easy operation for just about anyone to use.

* The tool goes on and off faster than

* De-bead both sides of a tire off the
   vehicle faster than you could even get
   it on a professional $10,000 machine!

* De-bead, change a valve stem and
   re-inflate a tire faster than you could
   even take the tire off the vehicle!

This is a SERIOUS TOOL in a very simple, compact, lightweight and super strong package! Everyone should have one for their shop, trailer or trunk!

Note the big, beefy construction of this powerful, Professional Tire
De-Beading Tool! Built to do the job and take the abuse of a frantic pit crew as well as the weekend shade tree mechanic.

If you are on the side of the road or out in the middle of nowhere, how else would you pop the bead to repair or replace a leaking or broken valve stem? Only with the
FastBreak D-Beader