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This 9" diameter, heavy duty 1/8" thick steel epoxy coated tool will provide decades of reliable and accurate service and is a must for any shop or garage. Degreeing a camshaft insures the cam manufacturer placed the cam pin correctly, the timing chain manufacturer machined the grooves properly, and that it is installed properly. An improperly installed camshaft can mean the loss of dozens of horsepower, tons of torque and gallons of fuel wasted.

The accuracy of a degree wheel depends on it's diameter, since the increased circumference results in an increase in space between the degree marks which make it significantly easier to determine down to 1/2 of a degree.

Just bolt this degree wheel to the crankshaft snout and attach a piece of wire to form an adjustable pointer and read out the degrees during camshaft timing and lifter adjustments.


Camshaft Degree Wheel