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This compact little digital tachometer will fit in your shirt pocket yet packs all the accuracy of a big, cumbersome bench units. This compact hand held module Reads accurately from 3 RPM up to 99,999 RPM with the accuracy of less than 1/2% error.

Just place a small piece of reflective adhesive tape (included) on the object you wish to read, and simple point the device at it from 2" to 20" away while rotating. Super bright built in laser spot provides direct aiming for pin point fast, easy and accurate readings in just seconds.

Large bold 11/16" LCD display allows clear readings down to the single digit with no guessing as you do with a needle gauge. The last reading as well as the minimum and maximum readings are automatically saved into memory and can be read at any time.

Check the accuracy of your dash tach instantly. See the difference in underdrive pulleys without doing the math. Identify rearend and transmission gear ratios in seconds. check fan speeds in a snap. And


Digital Non-Contact
Tachometer / Tester

Just a few uses for this compact,
     handy RPM reader...

Engine damper rpms to compared to dash tachometer
Engine pulley reduction rpms
Wheel rpms (to determine rear end gear ratios)
Driveshaft rpms (determine transmission gear ratios)
Fan rpms
Electrical motor rpms
Generator rpms
Small engine rpms
Lawnmowers, weed trimmer, chainsaw, etc
Model R/C engine rpms
Air cpompressor rpms
Drill press chuck rpms
Lathe spindle rpms
Milling machine spindle rpms
Belt and disc sander rpms
And much, much more!
        Just about
anything that roatates!

Includes RPM reader, Protective carrying case, Reflective tape - Requires one 9v battery