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"...for the first time switch the sound level protection you desire for any occasion at any time with the very unique Road Trip™ Adjustable Sound Level Hearing Protectors! "

Designed Exclusively
by Cobra Valley!

                       -9dB   =   "Muffled"
                     -17dB   =   
                     -25dB   =   
...all in one simple, effective & discreet device.

The very unique design of the
Road Trip™  Adjustable Sound Level Hearing Protectors allows you to select three different distinct levels of sound protection in the extremely compact shape of what you might otherwise think was "just another ear plug". These are specifically designed to dampen and channel out wind noise and exhaust tones yet still allow for normal conversations while being incredibly comfortable for long periods of usage. And hearing protection aside, reduced noise levels just make the ride more enjoyable all by itself!

Our unique design incorporates channels within the ear plug with separate and uniquely sized sound ports to allow the user to select from any of three different sound reduction levels! SEE HOW IT WORKS

Driving an open topped sportscar, or even a motorcycle with a fairing puts the wind in your hair, and in your ears. The wooshing wind past your ears can create premature fatigue and increased stress hour after hour on the road, not to mention the hearing impairment resulting from that. And if your vehicle has louder than normal exhaust, that only adds the to premature fatigue that sets in all too soon as well as the difficulty to hear. This annoyance presents a problem that is not easily solved without a lot of compromises. However, that is, up until now.

Each are hand ported and crafted one at a time
! Because the exact porting is too delicate for any automated machine to produce the extreme accuracy and exacting precision required. SEE MORE HERE

...the Road Trip
adjustable sound level Hearing protectors!  Specially designed to be easily inserted by using the easy to handle stem. The unique design will not "pressurize" your ear drum during insertion. A thin, soft and flexible surface on the plug conforms perfectly to any shaped ear canal and the unique design prevents it from working it's way out under normal movement. The advanced materials in the plug senses the contours of the ear canal and responds to body heat taking the shape of the of the surrounding canal and stays in the shape until you remove it.
The soft, smooth, thin ear surfaces are extremely comfortable even for long distances and almost feel like they are not even there, even after a full day of continual use. You won't want to take them out... and you don't have to! You can hear conversations just fine all while reducing wind and exhaust noises all while safely driving with the ability to hear other noises you need to hear on the road.
Road Trip™ Adjustable Sound Level Hearing Protectors can be used individually, or with the included cord you can tuck behind your neck in case you want to pull them out and allow them to dangle until their next usage. The handy compact storage case keeps them clean and fresh when not in use until they are needed next.
Road Trip™ Adjustable Sound Level Hearing  Protectors are Reusable, washable, soft, conforming, durable, long lasting and very, very comfortable.

Three (3) Adjustable sound
reduction levels to select from...

   -9dB "Muffled":     Easily allows for lowered voice
(in town)               conversations and surrounding
                                    traffic during moderate road
                                    noise levels

   -17dB "Quieted":   Allows for normal conversations
(highway)              and highway traffic while
                                    experiencing increased road
                                    noise levels

   -25 dB "Silenced": Allows for emphasized
(at speed)              conversations and noisy traffic
                                    while experiencing elevated road
                                    noise levels


Road Trip Adjustable Sound Level
Hearing Protector kit
Includes 2 ear plugs, cord & storage case

Advantages you can really Hear from Road Trip Hearing Protectors

Noise canceling ear muffs are one solution, but a bulky annoyance at that, not to mention the embarrassing appearance going down the road in an open top car or bike with earphones on... which as a matter of fact, is illegal in many areas.

Most normal ear plugs on the other hand were primarily intended for short term hearing protection in the workplace or at the jobsite. Their main function is to cancel noise making them too quiet for the road where safety issues can arise and making it difficult to talk to your passengers while they are in. Most importantly, many are very uncomfortable after they are in your ear a while and all you really want to do, is "get them out of your ears!" That doesn't make for an enjoyable drive at all.

So the solution is to have a discreet, small, comfortable, and effective sound control device that is easily applied, reduces wind and exhaust noises and still allows you to speak easily with your passengers without yelling or straining to hear them. And even better solution would be to have the hearing protection allow you to hear your passenger even better at a lower voice! You can even set the left ear quieter and set the right ear less quiet so you can easily hear normal conversations with your passenger   
  ...Well, that solution is now here! 


Each Adjustable Sound Level Hearing Protector is hand ported and crafted one at a time because the exact porting required is too delicate for any automated machine to perform for the extreme accuracy and exacting precision required by our unique design.

Here is a batch fresh out of production after the hand porting process and ready to go into cleaning and sterilization.