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Fire Gone is a fire extinguisher packaged in a compact and cleverly designed aerosol can. Fire Gone delivers a strong targeted stream that goes right to the source of the fire, coating it with specially formulated, fire fighting foam. Easy to use and simple to clean-up and NON-CORROSIVE for delicate engine components and automotive applications. EASY CLEAN-UP: Simply wipe are with a damp cloth. THAT'S IT! No messy residue. WILL NOT damage Automotive or Boat parts and equipment!

This reusable and potent fire extinguisher's trigger spray nozzle can be used for large fires, or for small fires over and over again. Traditional fire extinguishers must be recharged the second the seal is broken, even if only a small amount is used.

Fire Gone is a perfect companion and can be used in place of or in conjunction with for your conventional fire extinguisher.

Fire Gone is made from biodegradable materials. Excellent for use in Kitchen Garage Office Car Dorm Camping RV Grilling Boat Fireplace Workshop


Reusable Automotive,
Marine, home and Shop Fire Extinguisher