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Typically called a "pinion depth gauge" this precision tool set speeds up ring and pinion set up by up to 5 times faster. Get better results faster and with less effort and eliminate the guess work. Other tools performing similar tasks as this can cost up to $500!

Included inside the hard shelled foam cushioned protective storage case is a dial indicator, mount, adjustable arm, depth extension pins and adaptor sleeves.

This kit comes complete with instructions and adaptors to set up nearly any type of typical automotive ring and pinion configuration .


Ring & Pinion Gear Set up Depth Gauge
(kit includes storage box)

This tool quickly clamps to the differential bearing cap surface and measures the depth from the axle centerline down to the face of the pinion. This is your current pinion depth measurement. On each gearset there is a setting number etched into the pinion and ring gear. Add or subtract that number etched on the pinion and you are able to set the pinion depth into the differential EXACTLY within .001" of accuracy. This significantly speeding up the gear setting process and dramatically reduces the effort to do so! This handy and inexpensive precision tool eliminates the tedious task of removing and reinstalling the pinion and pressing bearings on and off over and over again numerous times in order to achieve the correct pinion depth gear setting.