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This easy to learn from video tape clearly explains the basics of differential gear ring and pinion set up. No longer is this information a secret mystery that only seasoned technicians are privileged to. This detailed and in depth video explains it all. Whether you are looking to tackle this task on your own, or simply wish to know what your mechanic is talking about when discussing your ride with him, this video tape is the final revelation of the gear setting mystery.

Just pop it into the DVD player and in less than 80 minutes you'll know exactly what to do, and more importantly, what not to do. This is the simplest and best tutorial we've found to date. A great way to bone up on one of the most difficult and important procedures in automotive rebuilding.

This video is packed with information to correctly install and set up the following ring and pinion gear set applications…

*   American Motors
   *   Chevy 10 bolt 1955-1964
      *   GM 10 bolt / GM 12 bolt car and truck
         *   Oldsmobile & Pontiac 1957-1962
            *   Corvette 1955-1962
               *   Corvette 1963 to present
                  *   Chrysler 8.25"
                     *   Chrysler 8.75" & 9.25"
                        *   Dana 28 / Dana 44 / Dana 60
                           *   Ford 7.5" / Ford 8" / Ford 8.8" / Ford 9"
                              *   Toyota


Richmond Gear Set up Instructional DVD disc
80 minutes