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Whether it's driving gloves you're looking for or pit gloves to work on the car, these armored hand protectors tell the entire story.

The special material at the finger tips provides maximum sensitivity transfer allowing you to work with your gloves on during the most intricate operations in the pits, as well as being able to feel dash switches and knobs during driving sessions. The inherent heat shielding protects against short term high heat situations and vulnerable zones of the hand are additionally protected by reinforced material.   

*  Lined Spandex® top for freedom of flexibility and
    long lasting comfort. Elastic hook and loop cuff
    for easy on and off with fast adjustment.
*  Durable ergonomically designed double padded
    synthetic leather palm liner with sewn in soft
    neoprene pads for additional insulated protection.
*  Reinforced protection shielding key vulnerable
    areas of the hand.
*  Add top vinyl padding protects the backside of
    the hand.

The both look good and feel good as well as perform good. Don't be caught around your car without them!


Lay your hand palm down flat on a table over a tape measure. Measure your right hand as shown to the right to determine your glove size.

up to 3-7/16"  ...MEDIUM
3-7/16"  to  3-15/16".
3-15/16"  to  5-3/8"...


FORD Racing Leather Pit
and Driving gloves