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This professional Infrared heat temperature gun will fit into your pocket, yet packs all the same features as the $200+ models twice this size. Compact gun Reads 1/10th of a degree accurately from -58 degrees below zero up to 1000 degrees F with 2 degree C accuracy. Selectable scale reads in either in F or C ranges. 8:1 ratio meaning for every 8" in distance it reads a 1" circle in area. Large Backlit LCD display allows clear readings even in total darkness. Turns off to save battery power. Super bright built in laser spot provides direct aiming for pin point visual accuracy. Battery level indicator and visual as well as audible over ranging indicator. Pull the trigger for instant temperature reading or release for 7 a second reading display data hold. Automatically turns off to conserve the long lasting batteries. Similar guns that read up to 1000 degrees with laser spotting run upwards of $200.00


-58 to 1000f degree
Infrared Temp Gun

Just a few of the uses for this high quality temperature gun...

  1.  Reading tire temps across the tires
  2.  Read track pavement temps for best traction & chassis adjustments
3.  Reading oil pan or radiator temps to confirm gauge readings
4.  Quick temp reading on a vehicles radiator or trans cooler/pan that
       does not have a gauge
5.  Read rear end or tranny temps
6.  Check oil cooler temps and read lines to and from for comparison
7.  Reading exhaust temps at the header runners to determine carb tuning
       and jetting and indicating similar results as reading spark plugs
8.  Read and compare U-joint temps to reveal a slowly failing joint
9.  Read wheels hub & bearing temps during a quick walk around during
       fuel fill ups on long trips... especially useful with
trailers, etc.
10.  Check heater and aircondition output temps for optimum performance
11.  Reading temps of parts after painting being cured by heat lamps
12.  Reading the heat lost at different walls and windows of your house/shop
13.  Insure oven temps compare with dial temps for best food preparation