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Removing oil filters in tight spots has always been a chore, but not with this special tool. This compact lightweight oil filter wrench easily installs around the filter without having to wrestle a big looping band around the bottom or a large long handle unable to swing in tight areas. Just "gaff" the all metal claw grip around the housing and pull on the curved handle.

The automatic ratcheting action provides maximum torque and allows precise and perfect positioning of the handle in the even in the tightest confinement. The downward angled handle and slimline design lets you get in to the tightest spots with ease. You can pull as little as 1" and ratchet the wrench back again for another tug until the filter comes off.

The self gripping, automatic tightening design eliminates slippage of even the slipperiest of surfaces with no adjustments needed. This also allows the wrench to be pulled at an angle and not necessary to rotate in a full circle. Spring loaded jaws keeps the wrench snug even when releasing your grip on the handle.

Fits standard filter diameters ranging from 2.92" to 3.67" -Made from metal and a poly composite.


Ratcheting Open Ended Oil Filter Wrench