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This compact yet potent tool repairs and maintains your spark plug threads in cylinder heads and keeps them in tip top condition. Periodical removal and installation of spark plugs, especially in high performance applications where frequent inspections are common, can result in the cylinder head threads being dulled and galled over time, especially when involving the much softer aluminum head material. Damaged or worn threads usually end up in cross threading which requires total removal of the head to drill out and heli-coil each spark plug hole.


Use this tool to periodically to keep your threads clean and sharp between spark plug changes, before they need repair. And if the threads are already damaged, this tool with clean up and straighten those threads to get you back into perfect running condition again.

Spark Plug Thread

This too features a case hardened and black oxide surface for long lasting tool service life, smooth operation, maximum oil adhesion with minimal friction and provides clean, sharp threads every time. this is important since other cheaper tools providing a little less sharp and clean threads will slowly wear away the surface to the point of eventually destroying it. The o-ring in the center keeps the tool attached to the socket when working in tight quarters with minimal space. For most common small & large spark plug threads using 14mm or 18mm sized threads.

Simply screw the tool into the spark plug hole with your fingers, then slip a standard 13/16" thin walled socket over the tool and turn in. Use a small amount on grease on the tool before inserting to facilitate and ease the friction while the grease collect any minute particles resulting from the threading action. Remove the tool and clean the hole of any possible remaining particles with a small hose connected to a standard vacuum cleaner.