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special Axle Nuts

We made this custom designed, precision made socket to precisely fit inside the confined space of the commonly made knock off wheel adapters, so you don't have to take the adapter off to tighten or check your rear wheel bearing nut.

Simply turning down an existing socket and making it thinner removes its case hardening, heat treating and strength. It was never designed to do this job.

First we started out with the highest quality steel we could find and heat treated and hardened for the highest strength possible. We made this socket with 6 points to provide maximum contact with the wheel nut and result in maximum strength. The generous reliefs at each hex point reduces wall stress at the most critical points when the tool is under severe load. Then the tool was brightly plated for corrosion protection.

We had to do this because the wall needs to be very thin to both fit inside the less than 1-13/16" adapter hole as well as over the huge 36mm spindle nut inside as well as withstand torque stresses up to 250 ft/lbs needed to tighten this specific fastener!

Why You Need This Tool: Since you can't check the rear wheel bearing nut with the knock off adapter on, most never check the nut until it's too late. This miracle tool solves all of that!

Typically to get to the rear wheel nut you need to remove the knock off adapter and wheel pins. Getting the pins aligned perfectly can be a time consuming task and the entire ordeal is about an hour or more wasted per wheel just to check or tighten a rear wheel nut. This amazing tool can do it is all in
less than 15 seconds!

One distinct advantage tightening the axle nut with this tool, is the bore of the wheel adapter holds the socket inline so you can place all your weight on the handle of the torque wrench to create that 250 ft/lbs required. Otherwise you have to hold the head of the torque wrench in one hand to prevent it from slipping off the nut while pushing on the handle with just one hand. Unless you can bench press 250 pounds with just one hand, you might find this an impossible task. This socket makes that task possible!

The socket fits over a 36mm nut, fits inside a 1.800"
(almost 1-13/16") hole and accepts a standard 1/2' square drive ratchet, breaker bar or torque wrench.
(Do not use an Impact wrench with this socket)


36mm Rear Wheel Spindle Nut Socket tool for knock offs
Precision made to fit inside knock off wheel adapters up to 1.800" I.D.

All regular sockets will not fit inside the bore of the standard knock off hub adaptor, even the best of sockets out there

Our specially designed socket easily fits inside the bore without having to remove the knock off hub adaptor

Our special deep well socket slides into the hub to engage the axle nut, unlike any other socket on the market

Once fully inserted, our special socket is supported by the hub bore so both hands can be used on the torque wrench handle