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"Unlike other cheaper versions, this professional tool has a super smooth twist when pulling wire"
Safety wire is often used in the aviation and performance industries where vibration may cause fasteners to loosen. While it may appear difficult to safety wire a fastener, this little tool will make it as easy as tying your shoes, one handed!

This handy, professional, hardened alloy steel Aviation tool does three different operation in one. The heat treated wire cutter sizes and trims the wire before installation. The diagonal nose allows access in very tight work areas. The flat top diamond serrations on the jaws holds the wire securely and resists nicking and slippage. The self locking mechanism holds the wire by itself to free up your hands for other duties. Then a pull on the knurled knob automatically & effortlessly twists the wire to the desired tension in one, quick motion. A simple click, the wire is released and the excess wire can be either trimmed with the built in wire cutter or the flat internal jaws can be used to fold the sharp ends of the wire over for a clean, professional and finished appearance.
Accept up to .065" wire.


10" Large three-in-one
Safety wire Pliers & Twister


215' spool of .041" T-304
Air Craft Grade high tensile
strength Stainless Steel
Safety Wire   (super heavy duty)

Unlike Nichrome or 302 Stainless wire,
Our T-304 Stainless Steel Safety Wire is not simply standard "off the shelf" wire, but specifically made and packaged for this application.

*   T-304 wire is stronger than 302 or nichrome
     wire which allows smaller wire to be used

.041" wire is heavier & provides extra
      strength in critical applications:
215' will
      wire approximately
295 applications
         (recommended 3 to 4 twists per inch  /  breaking point = 8 tpi)