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Made just for the specific tapered angle found in the Superformance Mk-III Cobra spindles, for repairing old, worn or damaged spindle tapers, and for perfectly seating the new R/T upgraded ball joint for absolute accuracy and perfect bump steer correction.

Many times the tapered hole in various spindles are not match to each other, top or bottom, side to side and can result in varying ball joint heights which can be critical in achieving perfect and equal suspension geometry and bump steer correction. with this tool, you can 'clean up' imperfect tapers, and 'adjust' varying taper depths to all be equal to each other for perfect geometry.

This incredibly super sharp tapered reamer is made JUST for hand use. Ultra high quality alloy metal and precision ground edges provide the extreme sharpness required to take off as much metal as possible, with the least effort required so precision hand reaming can achieve a perfect taper with minimal material removal while the spindle is still installed in the vehicle, or where a milling machine can not be used.


Ball Joint Spindle
Tapered Reamer
Clean & set equal depths f/ ball joint in spindle
1.500" per foot taper for
Superformance Mk-III's