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Now here is a precision timing tool that is extremely accurate, economical and simple to use and contains the perfect blend of speed and chronograph functions all in one unit. This compact handheld recording instrument can log times of consecutive laps while not losing previous lap times and even calculate speeds based on lap times and track distance. Comes with it's own handy lanyard to hang around your neck where you can tote this extremely lightweight raving recording center where ever you go. The uses are endless!

*   Speed timer displays lap speed in MPH and KPH
*   30 dual memory of speed, lap time and number
*   Automatic lap counter to 999
*   Distance entry precise to 1/1000 mi/km
*   Fastest and average lap times, on-demand
*   Three chronograph options - lap, split or dual split timing modes
*   1/100 second precision to 24 hours
*   30 dual memory recall in ascending or descending order
*   Stroke Rate Calculator for rowing and swimming
*   Time of day. alarm, calendar
*   Shows current lap and split running times


Racing Timer &

a sample of just a few of the numerous Timing possibilities...

Shows current Day, Date and Time

This 4th run (upper left) shows a time of 3.66 seconds for a total of 10.83
seconds. This feature can record and save multiple drag race runs or laps while showing the cumulative time as well as individual lap times and automatically counts laps up to 1000 laps!

Track distance shown in the upper right was entered in as 1.250 miles. Distances up to 100 mile laps or legs can be entered and is accurate down to 5 foot increments. Just imagine being able to calculate average speeds for a 300 foot mud drag race with a just click of the finger and instantly read out the results.

Timed reading of 27.71 seconds displays the equivalent speed of 162.396 mph. Use this for timing speeds for drag races, road courses, circle tracks and even calibrating and checking your speedometer over a measured distance on your local highways! You can also check speeds of cars speeding down your street by timing them between two known points!